Jarvis | 4.5 years

I thought it was time for an update on Jarvis! He is four and a half years old on Sunday! I also thought I would include some of his six month photos, just for fun!


Jarvis is at a really fun but really challenging age. He is so big in some ways, but still so little in others and it’s a fine line between encouraging his growth and make sure he maintains respect. But I guess that’s how it always is as they grow!

He loves playing daddy bot- where he has to use cardinal and positional directions to direct the “daddy bot” to a goal. Jumping in puddles and digging in the mud is one of his favorite activities and can entertain him for an hour. He also loves being a “funtime foreman” and directing the twins what to do and where to go, especially in the backyard when they are digging in the dirt. He is thrilled with the beach and loves everything about it. From digging in the sand and knocking over sand castles, looking for shells, and playing in the water. He asks to go nearly every day!


He has a list of six family chores that he is required to complete every day, including making his bed, cleaning his room, feeding the dog, helping clean the playroom, wiping off the table after lunch, and doing his school. He then has five chores he can do to earn money, once the family chores are complete: unloading dishwasher, washing windows, vacuuming the dining room after dinner, cleaning his bathroom, and folding his laundry. He earns money based on the difficulty of the chore. Some days he is all about it, other days it’s a bit more of a challenge, but that’s the whole purpose! To not only teach the value of hard work, but also how to do it with a happy heart!

As far as money goes, he is obsessed with it. Mostly because he wants to save money up to buy a plane ticket to Texas! We told him he doesn’t have to use his money for that, but he said, “I’ll give you my money because it will make it easier to buy a plane ticket!” Sweet kid.

He still has a special relationship with Joelle, although he loves all his siblings. He and Jonah are really good at picking at each other, but Joelle is much happier to follow along with him. Lately, their favorite thing has been pretending to sleep in his room. It’s very sweet to see their closeness, and they are so much alike! He is always willing to help her!

potty training-3

One of my favorite things about four has been the independence level. He gets himself ready in the mornings, can fill his own water cup, can be trusted to stay with us in a crowd and a parking lot. Things like that are very helpful when you have four littles! We have decided to no longer have him nap. He would still lay down and sleep for 1-2 hours, but that results in him being awake past 10pm. If he doesn’t nap, he’s out by 8pm. Instead, we use that time to do school- which will have a whole post of it’s own coming soon!

He is very much a lover and loves to snuggle and interact with other people. In particular, daddy, who is his snuggle buddy. He also loves Jean, but isn’t very careful with how he snuggles her, which usually ends in tears.

Jarvis can be quite the attention hog, and he covets your  focused attention, which can be a bit difficult with lots of littles around. Eating wise, we joke that Jarvis is the hare. He eats super fast but is randomly picky. He does take encouragement to try new things, but usually likes most everything. Volume wise, he eats QUITE a bit and can easily eat more than me in a sitting. He’s also quite the negotiator, when it comes to food and anything else.

He really likes to try and have control. Probably that first child thing, but he really likes to be the boss if he can! With this has come a bit of a challenge lately. He needs work on continuing to learn to control his anger and his frustration and to express them in healthy ways. He usually stomps and screams and sometimes calls us bad mommy or daddy, but we are working on reinforcing the same concepts that good choices have good consequences and bad choices have bad consequences. He makes this angry face that is HILARIOUS although definitely disrespectful.

He has an excellent memory and can remember places and things we have done a long time ago. He has been helping daddy build an incubator and is just in love with baby chicks. He has very little concept of time, such as days, weeks, mealtimes, etc, despite direction instruction in them. For some reason he can’t remember those! His favorite shows are Clifford or the Magic School Bus and he loves music of all kinds.

potty training-4


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