a father

This is late. It’s past Father’s Day, but I just really wanted to share this.

I wish I had the ability to put into words just how thankful I am for the father that my husband is to our kids. But I just really can’t. Of course, he isn’t perfect, none of us are. However I have never met another person who wants so badly to learn and grow and be the best person he can be. His nature, his love, his desire to teach our children spreads, and he has improved both of us as parents. Most of all, I am thankful for the spiritual leader he is in our family. The examples of a moral, God-fearing man that he shows to our children and myself.

I will warn you though, don’t bring your child under 5 around him- he liable to get down on the floor and play, or be that awkward guy who asks to hold your baby 🙂 This man loves kiddos.

Thanks again honey, for riding this roller coaster with me!

fathers day (1 of 3) fathers day (2 of 3) fathers day (3 of 3)

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