Baby Jean | ONE

I simply can not believe how fast this year has flown by. This post is a few days late, but our youngest has turned one! So a little post all about her is a requirement!



Jeanie started walking right before she turned 11 months, a full two months earlier than the rest of her siblings. It didn’t surprise us though, she’s always been a mover, and anxious to catch up with her siblings. She’s also very adept at ladders (including the ones on the playscape out back- scaring mommy!), and can climb up onto just about anything. She loved her brothers’ and sister’s pottery barn chairs and she got her own for her birthday from grandparents and she just loves climbing on that thing.


Bitty Bean did not have any teeth until three days after her birthday! Which makes her the latest teething child 🙂 She has one little one now and I imagine will have a few more by the end of the month!

jean-3 jean-4 jean-8

Developmentally, Jean is knocking the socks off of her milestones. I think it has the most to do with her desire to mimic other people and be a part of things. She will mimic just about any word she hears or any action. As a result, she has several words with recognition- mama, dada, hi, bye-bye, shoes, up and others. She claps and waves and will mimic hand movements.

jean-10 jean-15 jean-17

Jean is just a people person, and she still prefers to be a part of the action, especially in someone’s arms, and especially when they are sitting on the ground and she can climb on them! She also loves stealing her siblings snacks and toys, much to their dismay. She’s very determined and will get what she wants!

jean-19 jean-21 jean-22

At her well-check appointment, she weighed in at 18lbs 11ozs and was 25 inches long. (Joelle was 17lbs 13ozs and 26.5 inches, Jonah was 19lbs 11ozs and 28 inches) SO basically, she’s shorter than the twins but weighing right in between them. She dropped a bit in her height curve, but went up a bit in her weight curve. Overall she’s doing well.

We have transitioned her off the (expensive, lactose-free) formula and is on whole goats milk, like Jonah. She is now sleeping through the night most of the time- waking occasionally around 5/6am a few mornings a week still. She is still drinking 4-6 ozs of milk 6 times a day. She eats a ton of table food and pretty much wants anything that is on our plates and is really good at gumming them apart. She still eats purees as well, maybe 4 ozs three times a day because she just can’t chew enough to fill her up.

jean-27 jean-36 jean-38

Lastly, some things she loves: daddy, watching her siblings play in the backyard, sand, water, all food, milk, her giraffe pacifiers, Luc and Juliette, bouncing on the trampoline, wiggling her shoulders around, holding onto mama’s legs, smiling at anyone and anything, being upside down, and giggling

Sweet Jeanie,

I can not get over how joyful you are, of just how happy you are. You never stop going and you just absolutely love people. We love having you as a part of our family and how infectious your joy is. Thank you for bringing constant sunshine to our lives! We love you Beanie Baby!

Love, mama


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