Meat Chickens | Homesteading

About a month and a half ago, I made the mistake of asking the hubs why we weren’t doing any meat chickens this summer. We already have a large pasture, we already had a second completed, empty coop, and we have our fodder system (sprouted seed) down so well that it costs us less than 50 cents a day to feed the big chickens, even less as the summer approaches and the bugs make an appearance. He looked at me and his eyes lit up. Two weeks later, we picked up 32 baby chicks. I should learn to keep my mouth shut 😉 chicks-1 chicks-4 chicks-6 chicks-10 chicks-11The are in a coop with a brooder lamp in a portion of the big chicken’s pasture. We’ve really enjoyed going out and playing with them. Jonah in particular is completely enthralled, and he and Joelle say cuuuuuttte, cuuuuute every time they see them! A week ago we started letting them out in a very small portion of the pasture during the day because they love picking at grass and flowers and bugs. Well that day, we discovered that ravens really like baby chicks. We lost 18 chicks in just a couple of hours. We are raising these birds for the sole purpose of eventually butchering them to feed our family, but it was heartbreaking to lose so many little chicks. Not only for the loss of money/eventual food, but also because they never got to be bigger chickens and enjoy their lives in the pasture. A good homesteading lesson for us though. Here’s a few more photos of them! They are already twice as big now! mud day-24 mud day-27 mud day-28

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