10 on 10 | April

I took these on the 10th, even though they are getting posted late. Totally counts.

Just a normal Thursday. Early mornings with the remnants of a long night on the counters… baby bottles. Bitty playing while the bigs eat breakfast. Off to preschool drop-off with a car-full of crazies. Back home, without the biggest. Their favorite special twinkie giggles and wrestles. Dishes never stop, and with a special addition of the leftover art supplies from our MOPS playdate the day before. Then pre-school pick up with a stop to gather eggs. Of course with loud guesses from the car on how many eggs there might today. Five was the consensus, they were wrong ;). And a place of honor for new preschool art. Just a day. Just a perfectly imperfect day.

10 on 10-3

10 on 10-4

10 on 10-36

10 on 10-6

10 on 10-15

10 on 10-16

10 on 10-19

10 on 10-22

10 on 10-23

10 on 10-42


10 on 10-29

10 on 10-28


10 on 10-39


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