DST | daddy time

I have to admit, as a mother of young children, I do not adore daylight saving time. My kiddos thrive on routines, and the changing daylight never ceases to get them all wonky for a while. However, as a mother who finally has some “bigger kids,” I just became a huge fan of daylight saving time. We went from it being dark when I was fixing dinner, to still light as we tuck them into bed. What does this mean? Well it means we get to hang out with daddy more, especially outside- since the twins *mostly* no longer try to eat dirt and leaves. (That Jonah, he likes to eat the strangest things.)

After a couple of fun evenings outside, I had to grab my camera to capture it. Enjoy!

playing outside-1

playing outside-3

playing outside-4

Daddy decided to rake. The kids found that immensely amusing.

playing outside-8

“Messy, mama!”

playing outside-10

playing outside-12

playing outside-13

playing outside-14

Big brother trying to help sister ride the bike. It didn’t end well.

playing outside-16

Jarvis says, “let’s race!”
playing outside-17

playing outside-18

This sums up Jarvis’ personality in a picture.

playing outside-20

playing outside-21

playing outside-22

She’s dying to get out and crawl around!

playing outside-25

Jean’s new trick- she waves and says, “iiiiii!”

playing outside-26

Lately, we’ve been working on patience with the twins. Here is Jonah, waiting for his turns, with his arms by his side and a happy heart! Too cute! (and yes, ignore what mama’s wearing!)

playing outside-28

playing outside-30

playing outside-32

playing outside-33

2 thoughts on “DST | daddy time

  1. I love seeing the pictures of your family! You’re kids are just adorable! On a side note, is that a Liteway stroller or the Echo? I think you mentioned it was new? I’m 18 weeks pregnant, and hubby and I are thinking of getting a convertible car seat and the Echo for our baby when it comes in August. I was wondering if you liked your stroller. Thanks! =]

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