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I thought it was about to share an update on the chickens. We started with 26 little chicks, but thanks to a relentless hawk, we are down to 20 chickens. We appear to have scared the hawk off for now. We have 7 hens (females), and 13 roosters (males). The chickens have grown into themselves, and are quite sociable! They are very sweet and come running when someone approaches their pen. We let them out of the coop in the morning into a large fenced orchard, and they settle back in the coop right before dark at night. We are anxiously awaiting longer days so the hens can begin laying, soon, soon! We have a “chicken harvest” scheduled for this month, and we will butcher and freeze 11 of the roosters, keeping two roosters for protection/mating. We have several varieties: Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Black Australops, and Ameraucanas (Easter Eggers).

One of the rooster that will be staying around is a big New Hampshire Red, he is the largest red rooster, with the big red comb and waddle. He has definitely embraced his role of protecting the flock. Our little session focused on him, as he was concerned about what my camera was doing!








(Guess what, chicken butt- that’s courtsey of the hubby.)








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