Twinkies | Two

(This is late. Like nearly two weeks late. It’s been brewing in my mind, but I had trouble getting good photos of our crazy two-year-olds, especially with the weather keeping us inside. So it’s late, but it’s here!)


Oh my twinkies,

Somehow, the day came and went so quickly. We had cupcakes after dinner and blew out candles, but after the joint birthday party a month ago with your big brother, it was a relaxed, simple day. I really can’t believe you two are two. In some ways, you seem so much younger than Jarvis was when you were born, but in other ways, you are light years ahead.


Jonah, oh my bear. If we want someone to snuggle with, all it takes is a request for hugs and you are more than willing to leap into someone’s arms. I have trouble defining your personality, bear. I did a traits quiz for kiddos, and you eluded me. You are so very observant. You notice EVERYTHING. And very often, you use that skill to cause some trouble! You have such a curious, intelligent nature. I am constantly blown away at what you see and can get into in the minute it takes me to move laundry or get your baby sister up. It’s frustrating most of the time, bear, but I can just see how that little brain is going to take you far. Perhaps an engineer or such, I’m excited to see, Jonah.


Despite your penchant for getting into things you shouldn’t, you really do have a very sweet nature. Over the last two  months though, you have developed a bit of the two-year-old temper. You get frustrated when things don’t go your way (as any toddler would!), but you usually react by throwing objects or hitting and scratching. Understanding that this hurts other people is a lesson we are still working on, and one completely normal for your age.


If I had to list some things you love, they would be mommy, daddy’s porridge, pacifiers, dancing and wiggling to music, pacifiers, and pacifiers. Did I mention pacifiers? 😉


You also adore blocks and building with them. You love seeing how high you can build a building. And ever since we lit candles for baby Jesus’ birthday, you have been obsessed with candles! You make a candle shape out of any blocks you can find, hold it up and sing, “happeee burrday ew ewwww,” along with a little dance to make it complete. Your little face lights up every time you see a candle! Your favorite blocks to build candles out of are now called “happys.”


You are a little skinny-mini Jonah bear. Skinny arms, skinny legs, no tush, and then this big ole’ belly. You are such a little old man, we love it. You love sticking your hands in your pockets and moseying about. We still use all goats milk and cheese with you, but we have been able to begin weaning off some of the meds we started after the last pulmonologist appointment. And despite having had a cold a month ago, you never had wheezing problems, which means the meds are working and we just need to wean one at a time to figure out what’s causing your breathing issues.


Joelle, my little mini-me. Unlike your twin, I had no problem pegging your personality, because you, sweet girl, are a carbon copy of your mama! You are a little helper, a people pleaser, and you have the same OCD organizing tendencies that your mama does. Most of the time, I love your determination and desire to help, I can see just what a big help you will be in a couple of years when your physical capabilities catch up with your mental goals.  However, with the desire to help also comes a lot of frustration when you just physically can’t carry the diaper bag for me. You get frustrated when you can’t do it the way you want. Your anger usually comes out with big dramatic sob-fests. You are a bit more sensitive than your brothers when it comes to “perceived wrongs.” You are also more likely to turn to me for help in solving a problem.


You are an adventurous little eater, and willing to try everything. You don’t eat as much quantity as your brothers, but definitely more variety. In the same vein, you are still a short little thing. But compared to Jonah’s skinny little limbs, you still have the sweet baby chubby arms and legs, and cheeks!


Your favorite toys are legos, and you are really good at seeing how they fit together. You are very meticulous about building them balanced and equal. You love running after your big brother, eating, milk, giving baby Jean toys when she cries, milk, folding laundry, and of course helping whenever you can! You are such a little mother sometimes.


You aren’t quite as observant as Jonah when it comes to the “trouble radar,” but if he gets into something, you more than happily join right in.


Twinkies, it is still such a joy to be parenting the two of you. I love seeing your differences, and your similarities. How two children, raised at the exact same time with the exact same parents can develop at their own pace and desires. What a blessing to get to watch you grow and develop. We love you so very much, sweet twinkies.




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