Top Posts | 2013

Just for fun, and as a little recap, I thought I would share my most popular posts during 2013. Ironically, the posts with the most hits in the last year were not even written during this calendar year!

Top 5 most viewed posts:

1. Freezer Cooking | Extreme Nesting

I wrote this one while pregnant with Jean, and while it’s only instagram photos and links to recipes, it’s been a huge hit on Pinterest.



2. Toddler Room | DIY

This is an oldie, but the star of this post has been the chalkboard dresser! this photo and posy has been featured on 22 blogs that I know of (I find a new one every month!)



3. unpaper towels & cloth wipes | going green

I wrote this one at the beginning of the year, and we are still happily using our unpaper towels! 



4. Cloth Diapering | My System

Another oldie (back before the twins were born!), but this one too has made the rounds on Pinterest, particularly the image of the wall storage baskets for the diapers. This one has also had over 10 blog features!



5. DIY | Play Workbench 

Yet again, and oldie that is Pinterest famous! This one has been featured on over 25 blogs! And possibly one of my favorite projects!




And just for more fun, my top 3 most commented on posts:

1. DIY | Play Workbench (a repeat!)

2. DIY | A Manly Play Kitchen

3. Cloth Diapering | My System (another repeat!)


Wanna look back a bit? Here were the top posts of 2012!

1. family planning | the why

2. fall | announcement

3. the second anniversary of Job’s birthday

4. real food | part 1


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