Jeanie | 7 months

Oh my goodness, how is this sweet baby 7 months old?? And at the same time, how is she only 7 months old?? She’s such a sweet, old soul.

The last time I left off, at four months, we were really battling reflux with Jeanie. After a trip to the gastroenterologist and trying various meds, we determined the side effects of the meds were causing more issues than they were solving. So instead, we continued her on the lactose-free formula, took her off all meds, and focused on small, frequent meals. She was only consuming around 3 ozs every 2 hours until recently. Apparently she just had a very small stomach capacity and eating too much caused a lot of reflux. She has slowly increased her intake, and she now eats 4-6 ozs every 2-3 hours during the day. She still deals with reflux, but the volume of her spitting up has decreased and she seems more comfortable. Until the last two weeks, she was pretty uninterested in solid foods, but now is eating around 2-3 ounces a day of baby food. However, despite the increase in food, Jeanie has still not doubled her birthweight (a goal usually reached around 4 months). While the doctor is somewhat concerned about that, it’s also important to note that she is very short! She’s still in the 0th percentile for height, not even on the charts! So her height vs. weight percentile is in the 90s.

Current stats: 14lbs, 15ozs and 26 inches long.

jean and jonah-6

As far as sleeping goes, Jeanie really likes her morning naps and will sleep 3 or more hours if we let her, and then take a short afternoon nap. Overall she has been napping very well. She’s sleeping better at night, still waking once or twice needing to be settled back to sleep, but she quickly falls back to sleep. She sleeps in a sleep sack with a pacifier, and prefers to have a blanket tucked snugly around her.

jean and jonah-7

She still has little blue eyes and dark hair, just like daddy’s hair. She is a very happy baby overall. She loves attention and watching what is going on. She prefers to be held, facing out, where she has the best view of all the action. Watching her brothers and sisters run in circles is sure to make her laugh, and she is super ticklish. She loves being tossed about and doesn’t mind the swing or exersaucer for a short period of time. She loves the jumper though! Daddy might be her favorite person, with Jonah a close second and Jarvis not far behind. She also adores the puppy and finds him fascinating. She also loves chewing on anything and everything. No signs of teeth, but she loves having something to put in her mouth, and drools like crazy! For some reason, she is the stinkiest little baby. It  may be her drool, or the spit up, but she stinks all the time, even immediately after a bath. Her cuteness totally makes up for it though!

jean and jonah-8

Although Jean is not sitting up unassisted yet, she is doing a form of crawling. It’s an odd mix between and army crawl and a bear crawl, but she is definitely mobile and can make her way across a room to whatever she wants. We are continuing to work on her sitting skills, but she is not content to sit when she can move!

jean and jonah-10


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