Jean | 5 months

Well, time for an update on our littlest! Jean is 5 months old now and such a sweet little girl! It’s been a crazy month for her.


About two months ago she started having trouble sleep log, had a lot of congestion, kept losing her voice, and overall seemed very uncomfortable. Initially, I thought it was a wonder week, or a little cold, or the fact that we were out of town and off schedule more. But as it continued and worsened, I started to think it might be something else. About 4 weeks ago I added it all up and determined that I was fairly sure Jean was suffering from reflux.

I scheduled a doctor appointment for the day after we flew back and was shocked to see that she had lost weight since her check up two months ago. She had grown 3 inches but lost about 6 ozs. She weighed in at a bitty 10lbs 12 ozs at 4.5 months. Not only were we concerned for her weight loss, but for the apparent pain she was in.


We switched to lactose-free formula and she has doubled her formula intake. We started her on one type of Histamine blocker to reduce the acid, but haven’t seen much improvement, so we are starting a new one today. However, in just 2 weeks on the new formula, she gained THREE pounds! Today she weighed in at 13lbs 11ozs. I was thrilled to see such a good weight gain! Now we just need to get the painful reflux under control. She has been seeing a chiropractor for some stress/misalignment due to her fall, and we are trying a few other natural remedies as well.

We recently had to drop the swaddle as she was strong enough to roll in it, and we can no longer use the bouncer for naps because she is strong enough to sit herself up in it. As a result, she is sleeping on her back on an inclined mattress and this has made her sleeping a lot worse. Thanks to the reflux, she has trouble napping for longer than 45 minutes, but can usually fall back to sleep with a little help mid-nap. She’s eating 4-6ozs every 4 hours during the day right now. She wakes nearly every hour to two hours at night needing comfort from the reflux. She still ends up needing to eat twice a night, mostly because we still want her gaining and because I think it soothes her throat.


Physically, this girl is a mover and shaker! She can roll front to back and back to front. She doesn’t like being on her belly very much, or her back for that matter (the reflux is worse when she is laying down.) She prefers to be held upright or in a swing or bouncer because it’s more comfortable.

And once again, I just have to say that she is the most social baby ever! She loves interacting and watching people. She wants to be right in the center of the action. I also have never seen a little baby pay so much attention to electronic screens, but you can bet if there is a TV or phone screen within viewing distance that she will wiggle around until she can see it!


She loves to talk and make noises and screech. She’s a big chewer and always has something in her mouth. Her favorites right now are her sleeves, a burp cloth, sophie the giraffe, or anyone’s finger! As a result of all the chewing and the reflux, she is quite the drool-er and gets multiple outfit changes from drool and spit up.

In case you can’t tell, our lives and thoughts of her are pretty wrapped up in the reflux currently, and trying to get that under control. But if she’s not in immediate pain, she is such a happy baby. I just adore her sweet little personality and big blue eyes. I can’t wait to continue to watch her flourish!

2 thoughts on “Jean | 5 months

  1. I am so sorry you are going through reflux! Both my kids had it. What I am learning now is reflux can be caused from a milk and wheat allergy. I wouldn’t stay on the reflux medicine to long either. The reading I have done says it can lead to lots of food allergies. If you put one end of the crib up on bricks or wood blocks it helps keep her head up. Hang in there mama.

  2. We are a month behind you 🙂 Brenna will be 4 months next week and we are hovering right at 10lbs. She is super alert, when she isn’t dead asleep. She will sleep 12-14 hours straight if we let her, which we only did once by mistake! It just seems wrong to wake a sleeping baby up lol Don’t you just love cloth diapers??!?!

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