Galveston | Vacation

The kids and I had the opportunity to go to Galveston this past weekend with my parents. And while it was quite the ambitious trip, we had a gorgeous four bedroom beach house on loan that made it much easier! Overall the kids had fun, but I remembered why we haven’t done a “vacation” with the kids before! The drive should have taken us about 4-5 hours, but between Houston traffic, exploding diapers (Jonah), a puker (Jonah), and a fun ferry ride, it took us over 8 hours!  (We made better time on the trip back, but Jonah threw up twice again, so we ended up turning him forward-facing. Apparently he gets car sick.)

However, waking up to a sunrise and breakfast on the porch made it all worth it!


We promptly headed to the beach on Friday morning. Jarvis was a huge fan of the beach! He loved the waves, the sand, the shells, absolutely everything. I was a paranoid mom and made him wear the puddle jumper the whole time (a storm was in the gulf and causing high waves and strong currents!) but he had no fear at playing in the surf, and he loved going out past the breakers with me to ride in the bigger waves. He got several face-fulls of seawater but recovered like a champ!


I’ve begun to notice over the past year that Joelle does NOT have a fondness for water. She doesn’t really like pools, and won’t get in baby pools, although she will lean over the side to splash. She does like water tables and tolerates baths, but she doesn’t like large volumes of water. She doesn’t like sprinklers and she HATES the ocean. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the water. But she was content to dig in the sand!


Sometimes I wonder what their relationship will be like. Growing up with a constant companion can’t be easy. There’s comfort in it I’m sure, but a non-stop competition for resources has to be hard. They are finally hitting the age where I think I need to be sure to do things alone with them. I really hope they are close. 


Jonah was a mix on the water. He loved it as long as someone held his hand, but it definietly made him nervous. Personally, I think he was the perfect amount of reluctant for my comfort! I knew he wouldn’t go in himself, but he happily played in it with me!



When we weren’t down at the beach, we were eating or playing on the gorgeous balcony enjoying the temperate weather. 



We basically had the whole beach to ourselves nearly the entire time, and the weather was perfect, warm but not scorching and with a perfect breeze- going in the off season is nice!galveston-30



Snack break








The beach crew! My grandparents drove down Saturday to spend the rest of the day and Sunday with us.  This was right before dinner at a delicious little seafood restaurant. 


My brother and his girlfriend both work on Carnival cruise ships, and their current ship docks out of Galveston on Sundays, so we managed to grab a few hours with them and go by Moody Garden’s Aquarium. The boys absolutely LOVED this. Joelle enjoyed it but was much more reserved- it’s still water, haha!

Chris, Jarvis, Amy and Jean, and Grandpa Matt and Joelle


Grandpa Matt, Joelle, Amy and Jeanie


Uncle Chris, Jarvis, Jonah, Jean and Amy

Jonah spent the whole time pointing and exclaiming! He really enjoyed it. He loves animals.




Ugh, the aquarium was so dark!



Amy and Jean, Chris and Jonah, and Grandpa and Joelle. galveston-63

And on the way home from Galveston, we made a stop in Willis, Texas to see Big Poppy and Nana (Jace’s grandpa and grandma). The kids had a blast exploring their deck and hanging out.  (sorry for the poor picture quality- I didn’t correct my settings from the aquarium!! bummer!)galveston-66

One thought on “Galveston | Vacation

  1. How very fun! Sounds like our boys have a lot in common…not only the dairy issue,but the carsick thing too! Ryan gets very carsick!! Ick!! Anyway,u sound like u had a great time and so glad u saw your bro! Miss u girlfriend!

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