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My life is legitimately crazy, and most days, I seriously don’t know how I get anything done, but let me tell you, these kids are FUN! It’s been a strange 8 weeks with daddy gone and being out of town with lots of visitors, and the strain is showing some on the kids. However I decided to make a point to get off my phone and be more intentional about my time. My brain is simply too full, and facebook benefits me so little! So I’m off facebook for the month! I’m still taking pictures and I still post on instagram/photo stream, but only while the kids are sleeping. And let me tell you, it’s been really nice to be present again and to not have the urge to “check something” just to check it. I’m honestly not sure I’ll go back on facebook! And as a result, this little blog will likely be seeing more usage, as I still have adorable kids to share photos of! So enjoy, some lazy afternoon shots of the kiddos.

This girlie is teething like crazy, and hitting some spectacular communication-frustration temper tantrums. But she’s all extremes. If she’s not throwing a fit, she’s little miss helpful!


They adore her. all of them.




I mean who wouldn’t be obsessed with this sweet smile?


Oh trouble-bear, you give me a run for my money daily, but you are such a little sweetie.



And my biggest. Who informed me tonight that his “no” days are done and he’s only going to have “yes” days now. And when he runs out of “yes” days he will make more. Well, that would be wonderful big boy, you are such a joy on your “yes” days!


Little miss blue eyes.



But seriously, they are so much fun.

One thought on “Fab four | candids

  1. Absolutely adore seeing the kiddos pics!! Miss you lots! Can’t wait for you to come back though! I think a lot of us mommies are ganging the FB reality check! It’s a time zapper and taking us away from our family and Christ! My table leaders are saying the same! U may see some more accounts go silent! I’m considering it as well…

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