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Well, boy have we had an interesting week. The kids have all come down with some nasty little cold or something.

It caused a very high fever, vomiting, congestion, and lots of croupy coughing for Jarvis, plus an ER visit for zofran and an oral steroid and then another for an uncontrollable fever.

For Jonah it caused a high fever, croupy coughing, congestion, severe diarrhea, borderline low oxygen saturation and wheezing, plus an urgent care visit for an oral steroid regimen to prevent bronchiolitis (which is what landed him in the hospital for 5 days on high flow oxygen before).

And then it finally hit Joelle, high fever, congestion, severe diarrhea, rapid breathing, and viral pneumonia. After a chest X-ray and oral steroid, they can’t rule out bacterial pneumonia, so she is on an antibiotic to make sure the fluid in her lungs does not get worse.

Baby Jean managed to avoid it for a week, but is now congested and running a low fever. Let’s pray it just stays a simple cold for her. I’m worried for what her little lungs might develop.

Oh my. These kids. Such troopers. Although they haven’t been very happy lately, we are hoping they are all on the mend!













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