Jean | 4 months

Oh my, this baby is a little ray of sunshine. She will be 4 months old on Monday!

Jean 4 months-2-2

She has such a loving heart. She loves being around people, watching or interacting. She refuses to be cradled but prefers to be sitting up, facing out into the world. She really is a very happy baby. She is rarely fussy or inconsolable without reason. However, she has no problem telling you when she is no longer happy with her position or view. Her favorite activity is being walked around, facing out. It’s the best way to see all the action! Her second favorite activity is being naked! She loves diaper changes and being tickled especially. If she is upset and I’m not sure why, a diaper change will always flip her mood right around!

Jean 4 months-23

She is so willing to offer a sweet smile to just about anyone, but her siblings can always make her smile; she’s fascinated by them! She is rolling front to back very well and enjoys tummy time as long as she can see someone. She is so very close to rolling back to belly and keeps trying so hard. It will be any day now! She is incredibly strong and can hold all of her body weight on her legs on her own.

Jean 4 months-18

She is weighing in at a hefty 14lbs, which is right about the 48th percentile. She is still wearing 0-3/3 month clothes, but is starting to out grow them. She has just transitioned to a 3.5/4 hour schedule and is eating 4-5 ounces at each feeding. I have been working really hard on trying to get her to move to eating at fairly consistent times from day to day to train her metabolism a little better so she can eat more during the day. She is still eating twice at night, but is legitimately hungry still, so I am comfortable with that. She sleeps a good 6-8 hour stretch initially and then eats one more time before she starts her day around 6-7am.

Jean 4 months-31

This girl is a spitter though, in fact we’ve started using towels as burp cloths, haha! Hoping she outgrows it fairly quickly like her biggest brother did. Her favorite mode of communicating is squeaking and squealing, loudly, just like her siblings. She likes to add her two cents to any conversation and is a very big talker.

Jean 4 months-38

Baby Jean has dark hair and a natural mowhawk, just like her siblings did. She still has light blue eyes, and we are hoping they stay that way instead of turning grey like her big sister’s. And though I can not quite spot the tooth yet, she is most definitely teething, and I honestly expect one to pop through any day.

Jean 4 months-51

Oh my sweet girl, you are such a wonderful addition to our little family and I can not wait to watch your endearing, energetic, happy little personality grow.
Jean 4 months-45

And, because I just can’t handle the cuteness- here are a ton more photos!

Jean 4 months-6

Jean 4 months-7

Jean 4 months-36

Jean 4 months-47

Jean 4 months-48

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