10 on 10 | Sweet September

Um, wow. I have been MIA on here! Why you ask? Not just because of the whole ‘four kids under 4’ thing, but also because Daddy left 5 weeks ago for a two month training gig in another state. Yep. my little ‘free’ time all but disappeared! We debated long and hard on going with him (because it’s KILLING him to be away from the kiddos), but it just wasn’t feasible with the number of kids/ages. He needed to be able to focus on his course. So instead, I did two weeks solo, and then flew my dad up to help us fly down to Texas to spend SEVEN weeks visiting with family and soaking in some time with long lost friends. We haven’t been back for more than 2 weeks at a time since we got married, and it has been really nice to be able to see friends and family without trying to cram it all into a crazy week.

10 on 10 totally skipped my mind this month, so here it is, a little late!

6:15am- Little Miss starts the day early, but those smiles are so worth it. She can roll belly to back and nearly back to belly. She can hold her head up for quite a while and support all her weight on her legs.

10 on 10-2

10 on 10-3

7:15 am- The big three get to enjoy grandpa Matt’s famous “grandpa toast” (homemade cinnamon-sugar toast).

10 on 10-23

8:15am- I’ve been trying to get her cheese face on camera- and here it is!

10 on 10-24

9:15am- The bear and mama.

10 on 10-13

9:15am- Joelle-phant and mama.

10 on 10-14

10:15am- spent the morning at a playdate with a high school friend and her adorable kids. The tea cup ride was a hit.

10 on 10-25

12:30pm- Finally made it home, hot and tired, just in time for nap. Jonah-bear ALWAYS falls asleep in the car- luckily he will still nap in his crib after (Joelle and Jonah won’t nap if they sleep for even 5 minutes!). And apparently they paci-swapped at some point in time.

10 on 10-21

1:15pm- Baby Jean getting some sleepy snuggles with Grandpa.

10 on 10-22


3:15pm- Meet post-nap-grump Jonah. He just needed some space.

10 on 10-26

4:15pm- Because she knows just how cute she is.

10 on 10-36

5:15pm- getting some time in with great-grandparents! Joelle Walker and Wanza Mae Walker Ray holding their babies!

10 on 10-39

6:15pm- And another set of great-grandparents get some loving! Kisses for great-grandma Alice!
10 on 10-43

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