10 on 10 | pajamas

I’ve said it before, but 4 kids 3 and under has me feeling like I am trying to catch my breath. I seem to always be just one step behind those pounding toddler feet. But, it’s a lot of fun and crazy wrapped up into sweet, sweet kids. So here it is, a snapshot of life now. Pajamas and all.

yep, took all four to the grocery store. by myself. in pajamas. and they were awesome. kept all the shoppers amused with their paci stealing antics.

10 on 10-1

nope, didn’t even put shoes on them, made them walk to the car barefoot and put them straight in the cart at the store. I’m lazy like that.

10 on 10-2

Three out of four are screaming in this picture. Why did I stop to take it you ask? to remember. someday I’ll beg them to talk to me.

10 on 10-3

He dressed himself. It’s a style statement. And I don’t care as long as it’s one less body I have to change!

10 on 10-4

Trouble times two.

10 on 10-5

Loaves of freshly ground soaked whole wheat bread cooling while I make whole wheat banana bread in the Vitamix for my mom’s group planning retreat this weekend.
10 on 10-8

While I do wish her naps overlapped with the other three’s naps, I do love the one on one time with her. ignore messy bathroom

10 on 10-9

because that’s where apple cores belong, right? right, Jarvis.

10 on 10-10

Finally got the latest blurb book completed and ordered! I’m in love with them.

10 on 10-11

We had pumpkin soup for dinner from our garden. I’m a glutton for punishment and gave the babies bowls and spoons. Jonah decided to cut right to the chase. Apparently drinking from a bowl is McCown instinct- his daddy does it too.10 on 10-17

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