Jarvis | 3.5 years

I figured we would just round out this week with one more update on my biggest boy- Jarvis.

Oh Jarvis boy, three has been quite the roller coaster for us! You have such a dynamic personality and an affinity to push the boundaries which will serve you well in adult hood if we can just learn to pair it with a respect of authority and an understanding of compassion.


You have such a curious little brain, the ‘why’ stage has become so much more than that. You truly want to know how things work and to figure them out. You have such a depth of understanding right now and just soak in every little bit of information we can give you. We try really hard to actually explain things to you in depth and not just give the ‘easy’ answer. You love the library for that reason. You pick out every book you see and just soak in the information from everyone.


You are in a creative stage and love to play imaginary games with cars, dress up, and animals. You absolutely love all playdough games and will spend hours creating and making new things. You also love puzzles and putting them together and taking them apart. We found a leap pad for sale in brand new condition on a yard sale site and you have been enjoying the new learning games on there. We are working hard on using the stylus and holding it correctly. It appears you actually are going to be a lefty, which should be interesting when learning to use a pencil with your super thumbs. You favorite apps right now are coloring, letter tracing, and the ‘get the dump truck out of the maze’ problem solving app. Plus you enjoy getting to have some big boy things to do on your own, things that are just for you and not the ‘babies.’


Your favorite place to be right now is outside with Daddy. You adore him completely. Daddy enjoys being outside with you too, working in the garden, swinging on the swing, jumping on the trampoline, just digging in the dirt. If it was up to you, you would be outside all day long! My favorite thing about my outside boy is how red your little cheeks get when you get warm, it reminds me of my little brother growing up!


You now weigh 36 lbs, are in size 5T clothes and size 9 shoes. Every time I pick you up I can’t believe just how heavy you are, and how long your legs have gotten. We have been having a little trouble with you having accidents lately, mostly out of stubbornness. You really don’t like leaving your toys or games to go to the bathroom, we are still working to figure out what will motivate you to make better decisions regarding that.


You have quite the affinity for books and reading. You will sit for hours and look through book after book after book. I would say you are a pre-reader right now. You know all your letters, upper and lower case, and just about all your letter sounds. You are in the process of learning to combine sounds and sound out words. Rhyming seems to be finally clicking and we are working on identifying syllables and separate words, as well as some basic sight words. I can’t wait for you to learn to read, I know you will love it as much as your mama does.


I can not say just how awesome of a big brother you are. You were meant to be a big brother. You have such love and adoration for all of them, especially Jean. You of course do the normal big brother taking toys and ‘bumping’ into the twins, but you also love to help them and comfort them when you aren’t being a crazy little boy. You also love to help mama and daddy. You let the puppy in and out, love to give him and the cat treats, are pretty good at cleaning up toys when you want to, and love to help with anything in the kitchen. I hope someday your wife appreciates these skills!


My favorite thing about you right now is how in the middle of playing or doing something you will stop and say, “mommy…. I love you mommy.” Completely out of nowhere. You make my heart melt sweet boy. And although you give me a run for my money most days, I am so excited to see you becoming a little man.

Much love, mama

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