Twins | 18 months

Time up an update on the twinkies!! I can’t believe it but they are 18 months old!

We will start with Jonah-bear. Oh this boy, he is so different than his siblings! He has a very sweet soul, but is very sensitive too. Jonah tends to be much fussier and needier than his sister. He would much prefer to be held all the time, and he still cries every time we leave him at Sunday School. But he’s a loyal little boy, and once you win over his heart, he’s very loving and attached.

Jonah has several words now, including mama, dada, uh-oh, up, up, thank you, and Lola. He signs more, please, all done, milk, and thank you.  However he has lots of ‘gibberish’ words that are him trying to say other words and he will try and mimic words. I swear I hear him say a new word every day, but they aren’t clear enough to be sure. He  definitely understands the process of communicating though and will make an effort to say something or get you to understand what he wants. This is mostly accomplished with emphatic nodding when you mention something he might want. He not only nods his head but his eyes and eyebrows too- like I said, its very emphatic!


Jonah has a special soft spot for his Jeanie girl. He absolutely adores her and is so gentle and caring with her. He will gladly steal a pacifier from Joelle but when Jeanie has the pacifier (which looks a lot like his), he doesn’t take it and instead tries to put it in her mouth. I’m hoping he and Jeanie will be best friends wince I can already see that Jarvis and Joelle are a lot alike.


Jonah is a huge fan of anything musical! If he hears anything playing music he will run over, start bouncing away and try to get to the music. He has quite a natural little rhythm and tone and he ‘sings’ along with songs at the right pitches and rhythm. His favorite is “I’m in the Lord’s Army” especially the ‘yes, sir’ part. In fact one day he was asleep in the backseat of the car, and “If you are happy and you know it” came on and he woke from a dead sleep to clap his hands along with the song. He apparently has inherited Uncle Chris’ musical affinity!


Jonah loves being tickled, held, gathering rocks from the driveway and putting them on mommy’bumper, and snuggling. He tolerates bath time, it’s not his favorite, and he is rather hesitant on playscapes or new physical things like bouncy houses or trampolines.

Jonah has been dairy free for about a month and a half now in a effort to get rid of reoccurring ear infections, eczema, and wheezing- all of which have been shown to be caused by a milk allergy. It was kind of a last ditch effort to avoid tubes and figure out the underlying cause for 5 ear infections in 2 months. He drinks all homemade almond milk, and gets a small amount of goats cheese, but he gets no cow’s dairy at all. Honestly, it seems to have helped A LOT. He has not had a single ear infection since we switched him over and no wheezing incidents that required anything more than a humidifier in his room at night. Plus his skin is looking clearer on the backs of his legs. We do not have a record of a milk allergy (they don’t even do allergy testing until age 2), but since it seems to have worked for us, we are going with it. The ENT even recommended it when we first saw her, two weeks after we had made the switch.


Jonah is now weighing in at about 21lbs and wears 18-24 month clothes and size 5 shoes. I still think he’s going to be the biggest of them all. He seems to have thinned out some since the removal of dairy. Whether this is a natural age progression from toddler to boy or a result of the loss of milk fats, we aren’t sure. I am trying to make sure he gets plenty of good fats and calcium with the removal of milk. But he is looking more like a little boy and not a chubby toddler these days.


Speaking of becoming a little boy, Jonah has started the ‘anger tantrums’ typical of this age. If he doesn’t get when he wants, he hits or kicks anything within reach, all which crying his eyes out. I had forgotten that this typically happens around this age, but sure enough, Jonah is hitting it right on target. He no longer just cries and fusses if he doesn’t what he wants, he reacts with anger physically. This is always a bit hard to deal with when they still don’t have the full comprehension, especially since he also likes to forcefully bang his head on the floor in anger, silly bear!


Joelle is my little teacher’s pet. She loves to help and follow directions. However with her, it seems to be a hot or cold. She’s either following directions and helping, or she’s intentionally being mischievous. She also loves to hit her brothers with toys and to intentionally continue to do something after you tell her not to. But in general, I would say most of the time she likes to help. In fact if I am trying to do something, like come through a door I don’t want her to go through and she’s fussing and resisting, all I have to do is ask her to help close the door and she stops fussing, helps, and then claps for herself. She’s a people pleaser!

She is fairly mellow and not too fussy (as long as she’s not hungry) but it seems that she somewhat follows everyone else’s moods. If Jonah and Jarvis are both fussing, she will probably join right in, but if everyone is content, she will be too.

Joelle weighs about 19 lbs and wears mostly 12 months clothes, some 12-18 mo clothes, and size 2 shoes. Sister is super short and still have lots of yummy baby chub hanging on. She eats like a FIEND. She is pretty much always hungry, and don’t eat something without expecting to have to share, she will demand it. And Joelle doesn’t fuss or cry, she YELLS when she wants something. A loud angry screech. Usually her favorite words “na nak!!” or more snack.


She loves digging in the dirt and being outside with her daddy and brother Jarvis. She gets angry if she can’t go out with them, but she loves to help pull potatoes or dig in the rocks. She has absolutely no fear when it comes to anything outside and she loves playscapes and slides. She does slides completely on her own, crazy girl! She loves climbing up onto anything high and will frequently carry a kids chair over to something to get higher to climb up. I found her on top of the piano the other day!


However, sweet girl does love comforting and she likes to hold her hand up for kisses anytime she gets hurt anywhere. She also likes to give kisses to her brothers when they are sad or get hurt, even when she’s the one who hit them with a toy.

Joelle also loves music, but in a slightly different way, she loves dancing and will start wiggling her tush and shaking it around when she hears a beat. She also loves to wave hi and bye and adores blowing kisses, and she’s getting better about waving to new people.


She has a few words, mama, dada, up, uv oo (love you), na nak (more snack), and signs all done, more, milk, thank you, change for diaper change. She understands a TON and will mimic words and signs all the time. She also does the emphatic nodding, but she pretty much nods yes to any question, no matter what you ask.


Joelle is in a toddler bed now (Jonah is in the crib in her room) and it has been the easiest transition! She pretty much stays in her bed on her own, although she will get up to get a pacifier Jonah has dropped and give it back to him. She leaves her drawers and lamps and everything else alone though, she’s such a good listener.  One of her favorite things to do is throw away any trash, she carries it to the trashcan and waits for me to open it. She also really loves to pass out shoes to everyone, I think it’s to convince us to go outside!



Man, we love these twinkies!!

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