Jean | 2 months

It never ceases to amaze me how fast these kiddos grow up. Believe it or not, my sweet Jeanie is 2 months old!


The thing that stands out to me most about this girl, is her sweet heart. She is a sweet, sweet charmer. She adores attention and anyone looks at her. She coos and talks and smiles away at anyone making eye contact. She would much rather be on the ground or in the bouncer on the floor where she can see her siblings rather than in the pack n play where she can’t see them. And the feeling is mutual. Her siblings practically beg me to put her down so they can flock around her. They shower her with kisses and try to give her the pacifier. Jarvis gets his face as close to hers as possible and tries to make her smile. They all really adore her.


Jeanie is fairly good at tummy time, but she doesn’t get to do it as often as she should because it’s hard to set her down with her crazy siblings! However, she has excellent head control when she’s being held upright. She prefers to be held upright where she can see versus in a cradle position.


She is eating about 3 ozs every 2.5-3.5 hours during the day. She does spit up quite a bit, not as much as Jarvis did, but about as much as Jonah, more than Joelle. Her nights are rather unpredictable. She will occasionally go 5-6 hours between a feeding, but she frequently has trouble settling at night. She’s currently in a wonder week and I think that is impacting her sleep. We have just moved her out of the bassinet in our room and into the nursery (which means Jonah has moved into the crib in Joelle’s room and Joelle is in the toddler bed in there- musical beds in this house!). I’m hoping she will sleep more soundly in her own room.


Her 2 month doctor appointment is tomorrow and I will update with her stats after that!

Length: 21 inches- 2nd percentile (she’s barely on the charts, just like her sister, lol!)
Weight: 11 lbs- 36th percentile
Head: 15 inches- 16th percentile

Her height to weight ratio is 99th percentile, LOL. she short and chunky like her sister was!

Jeanie loves being worn in the carrier or being held upright. Right now I am using the K’tan carrier and she loves it in the sling position. It’s how we attend a weekly playgroup and our weekly walking group. She sleep like a champ in there, although it can get a bit warm outside! She still has lots of dark hair, which is forming into a natural mohawk like her other siblings, haha! Her eyes are still a true blue, but big sister was born with blue eyes that are now grey, so we will see if they stay blue!


My favorite thing about Jeanie at 2 months old is her smiles. If she makes eye contact with anyone, there is most likely a big ole’ smile and lots of cooing and talking. She is very social and really enjoys smiling at everyone, particularly mommy, daddy, and biggest brother!

The photos in this post are from a family session we did last weekend, more to come soon!

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