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My poor blog, so neglected… but for now, it will have to wait some more, I’m busy raising a herd of little human beings…

and speaking of those little humans, the littlest needs a proper update! We always teased my parents about the lack of pictures/baby album of my little brother (who was born just 11.5 months after me). My parents had 3 kids in 3.5 years and my mom always told me just to wait, by baby #3 the time/energy dwindles. The love doesn’t, but more important things like feeding/clothing/bathing multiple children begins to get in the way of  the fun ‘extras.’

So I’m starting this post off with a “my mom was right” and “I get it now” disclaimer. Sorry mom 🙂

I did a little update on baby Jeanie, but I wanted to share a few more thoughts and impressions before the sleep deprivation steals them away! I am honestly still a bit surprised that Jean is a girl! I don’t think the hubs and I realized just how much we expected a boy until she was delivered! We are thrilled with another girl and I am very excited that Joelle will have a sister, something I always wanted. Hubby is dreading two weddings though, ha!


Jeanie is a sweet baby. She is content unless she is hungry, and really doesn’t cry too much. Now that she is getting more food and starting to chunk up, she is sleeping better. She generally has one long block of sleep at night (around 5 hours) and definitely has night time figured out; she sleeps much deeper at night. She is eating about every 2.5-3 hours during the day, anywhere from 2.5-5 ounces.


She was born with a full head of dark hair, just like all my other babies. She has deep blue eyes, just like her big sister did (Joelle’s are now a grey/blue), and has her daddy’s exact hair line. In fact, I think she looks the most like her daddy of all of my kids (Jarvis looks a ton like daddy, but has my big eyes, Jeanie has daddy’s eyes too). I frequently see a lot of Joelle in her too. Just like her big sister, Jeanie is measuring in the less than 5th percentile for height, but right around 15th percentile for weight right now. She is just about 9lbs right now. She is still in newborn clothes, but is big enough to fit into the one size fuzzibunz diapers now! So we are back to three in cloth diapers!


She started cooing and giving social smiles right about 4 weeks. She definitely recognizes me and daddy, and is fascinated by her big brothers and sister. She is very alert when she is awake and fixates on objects and follows people with her eyes. Her big siblings all adore her. There is a lot of kissing and ‘patting’ of the baby if she is lowered to their height. Jonah in particular is fascinated with her and gives her big kisses, which is somewhat surprising!

And on a little different note, last weekend, we had a bit of a freak accident. While standing with Jeanie on his shoulder, the hubby took a bite of dinner, and somehow Jeanie threw herself back and she ended up falling all the way to the floor and landing on her head. It was on our hardwood floor with a  rug on it. She impacted on her head. I had just left for the grocery store, but turned around and took her straight to the ER. It was a very long night/day, but basically, a CAT scan showed that she had a skull fracture and some bleeding on her brain. We were transferred by ambulance to Georgetown University Hospital and kept over night for observation. She obviously showed signs of a concussion, but overall had no other concerning symptoms. We were released the next day with instructions to watch for abnormal behavior. She had some major swelling and sensitivity for a couple of days but really you would not have known she had a skull fracture. She has been healing well and had a checkup with a clean bill of health. It was quite the terrifying experience for the entire family (Jarvis got VERY upset when she fell), but we are very glad she is recovering and nothing more serious occurred.

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We are so thankful to have Jeanie as an addition to our family and we are truly loving her personality joining us!

Oh, and our goal for July is NO ER trips or hospital stays!! haha!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I about fell out of my chair reading about your ER trip. I’m so relieved and happy to hear that she is okay! What a sweet little bundle of perfect you have!

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