just a glimpse | sibilings

adjusting back home has been quite the experience! luckily my mom is here helping out right now, and we have lots of family coming over the next couple of weeks. it also helps that all three kids are crazy about Jean and absolutely love her. The twins love seeing the baby and patting her very gently. I am surprised at how gentle they are, especially Jonah, who is very clingy at times and I expected him to be jealous of me holding another baby. Both the twins have been slightly more clingy than normal, but that is to be expected since they are not getting nearly as much physical attention from me, which is their norm usually. Jarvis of course loves Baby Jean and always wants to ‘pet her.’ He seems to be needing more daddy attention right now, which we have been able to do some of since daddy is on paternity leave right now. We are still working on when it’s appropriate for Jarvis to interact with her (not while she’s sleeping!! haha!), but he’s very gentle and loves snuggling her, kissing her ‘little baby hands’ and reading books to her. And on that note, I just had to share some photos I’ve been capturing of the four of them! (Family not on Facebook/Instagram, I am doing my best to get all the shots I take on my phone during the day up here, so check back often, but know they all go on Instagram instantly and about half go on Facebook. Join and just add me!)

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