Jeanie | Baby Bunny

I know I added some quick phone pictures yesterday, but I finally got around to editing some fancy camera pictures and wanted to share.

We started the morning very early, and finally headed back to the OR around 900 for the c-section. Now the actual c-section is the part of the process I detest. And unfortunately, this c-section was even worse than the twins’ c-section. According to the anesthesiologist I have very strong back muscles (can you say 4 babies in 4 years?) so getting the spinal block in is usually very painful and slow. And I’m blessed enough that the spinal usually causes my blood pressure to drop which causes vomiting. We were finally able to get all that under control, gave morphine in the epidural, they brought in daddy, and finally got to work. We were thrilled, and shocked, when out came a baby girl! She immediately started crying and screeching and had Apgar scores of 8 and 9. Shortly after, daddy went with baby girl to the nursery to we weighed, cleaned, etc. This is where it all started to go downhill. I very quickly realized that I was regaining feeling in my feet, legs, and midsection. They tried repeatedly to give me dose after dose of the spinal block and more morphine, but neither was working efficiently. The doctors worked as quickly as possible, but by the time I was all stitched up, I was in severe pain and had the ability to completely move my legs. We are unsure why the spinal block did not work, however I do recall that the morphine did not work with the twins as well. Within seconds of getting into recovery I got a double dose of percocet and trodoul in my IV and the pain went from a 9 to a 2 within minutes. The nurse who had been with us all morning helped Jeanie to latch and nurse (physically I was not really able to do anything at that point in time). We stayed in recovery for an hour before being moved to our private room. I have been on percocet every 4 hours and motrin every 6 since the surgery and I am managing very well on those. The only down side is, percocet makes me narcoleptic. I will fall asleep mid word or bite or anything!! It’s amusing for those around me but mildly annoying for me! Especially since my memory seems to go every time I fall asleep! I will continue using those at home until I am able to switch to an over the counter. Basically, I strongly dislike c-sections, but I am very thankful for a healthy baby and modern medicine that allows me to have her! I usually recover rather fast, and in fact we will be released today, a day early, just like we were with the twins!

As most of you know, we like to include family names in each of our children’s names. So far it’s been all middle names (except Jarvis, who’s first and middle name are both family names), but this time, Jean gets her namesake from her paternal grandmother, my husband;s mother, Pamela Jean McCown. And her middle name is an adapted spelling of her father’s name, Gene Peters. Wilder is simply a name that we both loved. And yes, we know who Gene Wilder is and nope, she’s not named after him!

Jeanie has done a wonderful job of latching and nursing and sleeping. I hope this continues as we get home, but I know from experience that home is a different place in many ways! Big brothers and sisters got to come and visit Jeanie and Jarvis is completely smitten, he adores her. Uncle BoBo and Aunt Elena got to come by too!

Jean-1 Jean-14 Jean-30 Jean-37 Jean-41 Jean-44 Jean-54 Jean-61 Jean-71 Jean-75 Jean-77 Jean-78 Jean-82 Jean-83 Jean-87 Jean-88 Jean-91 Jean-102 Jean-104 Jean-107

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