Final bump | baby bunny

Well as you saw from my last post, baby bunny has joined our family! We are so in love with our little girl. I wanted to do a last wrap up on the pregnancy just for memories sake!

Final bump on the way to the hospital! 39.3 weeks

Gender: unknown till birthdate!
Cravings: green beans with fried onions, eggs, ice cream, coffee, shrimp, salmon
Dislikes: eggs, tuna, peppers, anything my husband was eating.
Total weight gain: 13 lbs
Pregnancy issues: moving OBs 3 times and insurance once, gestational diabetes (diet managed), multiple UTIs, moving/unpacking while pregnant
Pregnancy favorites: our announcement photo, maxi dresses, only one baby, Jarvis feeling bunny move
Thing I missed the most: sleeping on my back/belly.

This pregnancy went so fast between moving and three other kids. I already miss having baby bunny all to myself, but I am so excited she is joining our little family!!

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