Bunny | 35 weeks

**expect a bunch of catchup posts this week on instagram and facebook happenings for the family who aren’t on those! if you follow me on instagram or facebook, just ignore the repeats!**

It’s been a bit since I updated on baby bunny and a lot has happened! First up, I have officially switched over to civilian care and will be delivering at the hospital just down the road from our house. I like my new OB and she has been very proactive. First up, we had a follow up ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine and bunny looked great. We got some great 3D ultrasound pictures! At 33 weeks bunny measured in at 4lbs 12ozs!


After a multitude of different issues and consulting with my new OB, she ordered the 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test, which ended up showing that I have gestational diabetes. For now it’s under control with diet, but there are a couple of other things we are checking into. Let me tell you, it has been very hard to figure out how much and when I need to eat with three kids who try to steal all my food running about. Basically, I am having to eat much more and more often. I test my blood sugars 4 times a day, which I first wake up, and then 2 hours after every meal. However, I have been feeling much better and I am now able to tell the difference between how I feel with low or high blood sugars. Hopefully, this is something that will resolve it’s self within 6 weeks after bunny is born, but they have a few other concerns regarding my blood sugar history. More to follow on that later!



32 weeks


Joelle playing peek-a-boo with bunny!

We made a quick, last minute trip to Texas last week, and let me tell you, I will not be flying 35 weeks pregnant with three kids three and under again! Goodness, it was exhausting!! Here I am at 35 weeks pregnant, sporting Joelle in the Ergo back carry. Hubby was wearing Joelle in the front carry in the airport! Let me just tell you, the looks we got were HILARIOUS. However we to go in the premium security line and preboard before even the A group (southwest does medical boarding first and then family boarding between groups A and B- we were terrifying looking enough that they medical boarded us!! ha) I’m planning a traveling with lots of little kids post soon… be looking for it!



We officially have a c-section scheduled for May 31st at 8:50am, so it looks like Bunny will have a May birthday! Getting close and we just started getting a few areas ready for Bunny and making room for a bassinet in our room!

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