Instas | park day

We were all stir crazy and decided to take advantage of a nice day and go to the park! This was the first time I let the babies out of the stroller at the park  since it was finally not muddy and they are both walking really well… let me just say, it was exhausting!!

Jarvis was brimming with energy so he was confined to the chair to read while mama prepped everything for the park!



lunches packed, crockpot dinner thawing, park time!

This girl had so much fun!! She’s a climber for sure. Very adventurous, but also very careful and can safely go up and down stairs.

lunch break so mama can sit down!

pregnant mama and merry go rounds don’t mix well! But the kiddos loved it.

Jarvis insisted on helping sister. Until more big kids showed up, then he spent the next hour running around like crazy!

took Jonah a bit to get up the courage to start exploring, he spent a while just watching and observing everyone!

there was some major frustration about not being able to climb up the slide. Joelle loved the slide and wanted to go over and over and over again!

Jonah’s favorite was the merry go round, and blowing me kisses while he was on it!

I spent a good hour and a half chasing them around the playscape- not sure I will do it again by myself until after bunny is born!!20130419-103154.jpg


By the end of the morning, I wished I had brought my big camera for photos, but realistically, there’s no way I would have been able to cart it around or use it while managing the three kids. Just makes me even more thankful for a decent camera on my iphone to capture these precious milestones with my kiddos!

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