Instas | homestead

Just a little peek at some of the things going on around our farm!

We are now proud beekeepers!! They haven’t left yet so we are excited to maybe get some honey this fall!

Seedlings growing under grow lights in the basement!

Our neighbors received two chicks as Easter presents and couldn’t keep them.. So we now are chicken parents too! These guys are living the basement for now until the garden fence is completed. Not sure on genders yet !

Men working on the fence.

Little farmer informed me he was too busy for nap. Nice try cutie!

Little farmer coming in for bedtime.

Using our neighbors auger to drill fence post holes.

Planting raspberry and blueberry bushes in the dark after the kids are in bed….

We truly have a farm! In fact, when I showed Jarvis the baby chicks, he looked around and promptly asked where we were going to put the baby cow. No cows buddy!!! Sorry!!!

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