10 on 10 | april

For some reason, this boy considers pants optional around here. underwear- check, pants- who knows? when did his legs get so long…

10 on 10-1

my current reading list. in the middle of Large Family Logistics right now.

10 on 10-4

he got new summer sandals yesterday. apparently they fit best on the wrong feet and with daddy’s boot blousers. okay, kid.

10 on 10-13

quadruple batch of bagels with my little helper.

10 on 10-15

carrot boy.

10 on 10-19

no make up, messy hair mama, but this boy loves snuggles!
10 on 10-20

she knows how to cheese for the camera.

10 on 10-24

oh girl, you slay me with your sweet nature.

10 on 10-9

24 whole wheat bagels and ignored dishes.

10 on 10-20-2

everyone adores when daddy gets home from work.

10 on 10-30

poor daddy!10 on 10-31

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