Preparing for *Two* Little Ones | Registering in doubles

A blog I follow is doing a weekly link up series about Preparing for a Little One, and I have decided to join in, except from the twin point of  view! This week is all about registering! I will primarily be focusing on what you truly need doubles of, and what you can make do with singles. (and although they aren’t showing up highlighted, there are links to all the products I recommend, so look in each paragraph! I’m working on that formatting!)

Or Two!


Swings- While swings are very useful to have a place to put baby (especially if you have a big sibling running around), one is MORE than enough! These are bulky, take up quite a bit of space, and often times baby won’t stand to be in the swing for more than 20 minutes anyway! We used a combination of one twin in a swing and the other in a bouncer for meal times early on, and just switched them as needed.

Bouncers- Once again, I recommend just one of these, babies have short attention spans, and while we used this in our line up of distraction ‘mama needs to make dinner’ toys, one is more than enough. A bouncer is more useful than swings because it can move from room to room easier. I often utilized the bouncer while I bathed one twin and the other waited.

Bumbos- Absolutely, hands down, you need two of these. They are crucial for that time when babies want to sit up and play but aren’t quite good enough themselves. Plus, they work really well as initial high chairs if their little legs still fit by the time you are ready to start solids.


Cribs/Bassinets- This depends on your room/sleeping arrangements. If you choose to get a bassinet, it obviously must be one that can fit two babies at once, because two of these would be a bit much for how little time they sleep in it. We used a bassinet out in the living room for during the day (thanks to the two year old running about!), and a pack n play in our room at first. The two cribs question comes for to how much room you have. You can certainly get away with one crib for 6 months or so, but I did feel like my babies slept better separated after the initial couple of weeks.


Carseats- Obviously, you need two 😉 Prepare to spend a small fortune on infant seats, convertible seats, 5pt harness seats, and booster seats in the next 8-10 years. We currently have 6 seats in our carseat rotation!


Highchairs- Yep, you will need two of these huge monstrosities. Or you can go with two clip-ons, which made the footprint on our floor much easier to deal with. In fact, they sat in these at the table with toys long before they started eating. We also have a travel set of cheapo Target/Cosco highchairs that we use for when we are going to friends houses for dinner or friends visit.


Playgyms/Toys- As a general rule, you will only ever need ONE of any toy. Rotate them out and they will be happy! Even the playgym, which is essential, was more than big enough for two babies to lie under it.


Activity Centers- Activity centers or exersaucers are the ONLY exception to my one toy rule. Buy two of these. Two different ones. Switch the twins between them. These are so useful for such a long age range, and we be essential when your twins become mobile and you have to go to the bathroom. They are huge and annoyingly colored, but worth every penny!


Strollers– You will obviously need a double stroller. The cheapest way to do it? You can go with a clip-in double stroller to save room, and then when they outgrow the bucket carseats, upgrade to a double umbrella stroller. Both are much smaller than standard double strollers and will fit in any car. Since we had a big brother who was only two (and not up to walking in the snow or for much distance) we opted for a double sit and stand. I LOVE this stroller, but it is gigantic, even folded down. In the past two months, we have transitioned to the double umbrella stroller and big brother walks now that he’s big enough and mostly listens. I am holding on to the double sit and stand for trips that I know will have lots of walking (plus, we will likely use it with baby #4!)


easter eggs-5

Carriers- Yep, you need two. While you won’t be able to babywear constantly with two babies needing attention, two carriers are very useful for plane flights, places were strollers aren’t easily used. Personally, I can not say enough amazing things about the Ergo. We have two (half price on Ebay, barely used!) and I love that everyone in our family takes turns babywearing when we go places (The picture shows my brother and his girlfriend wearing the twins while sightseeing in DC!)!

chris and amy-15

Pack N Plays-This depends on your traveling habits. We do have two, thanks to the move, but you could easily get away with one if you are just going to be using it around the house or occasionally for a late night dinner at a friend’s house.


Monitor- If you ever plan to move the twins to seperate rooms, make sure you have one that will scan between channels. And I highly recommend a video monitor, in fact we had a camera on each crib the whole time the twins shared a room. It’s nice to know which baby is crying before you learn their cries, and if they are disturbing the other twin! Ours is one of the few that passed my test, as it scans between up to four cameras every 8 seconds with audio.

Bedding- Obviously you need double the bedding when your twins move to two cribs, but I would say that even while in a bassinet or pac n play you make sure to have extra sheets. Other than that, don’t go crazy on the blankets and such, you do need enough for two babies, but most people have enough for two babies!

Miscellaneous Items– Once again, you will obviously need enough clothes, swaddlers, burp rags, blankets, etc for two babies, but this stuff adds up fast and is a frequent gift! Wait to purchase any yourself until after the babies are born and you see you need it! For example, you honestly only need maybe 2-4 towels, as babies aren’t bathed every day and can really reuse them!


Bathing- You only need one infant bathing tub, promise. Those things are gigantic and annoying. I am a huge fan of the Puj and it’s nice and flat to store! We used it until the twins were about 8 months, then bumped them up to the duckie bath, and then the real bathtub together at about a year!


Boppy- BUY TWO. No matter what type of feeding you choose, two of these to prop babies on for floor time or tummy time is essential. And buy (or make!) several covers. If you are going to nurse twin, buy this pillow, it beats the boppy out for sure.


The amount of STUFF that come with having a baby is crazy, and with twins, it piles up even more quickly! So the best policy is to wait and see if you need it, or need doubles of it! I’m a planner, and it drove me crazy not to have everything ready. But some things can wait, and should! Plus, don’t forget to check resale shops or consignment stores or yardsales! Baby stuff gets very little use and can usually be found for more cheaper than online or in the store!

Any questions? Did I miss a topic or item you are considering?

3 thoughts on “Preparing for *Two* Little Ones | Registering in doubles

  1. Hi! I found your blog through Kaitlyn’s link up and I am so glad I did, as my husband and I have twins on the way *due this fall! We also have a little one that will be 2 right after the twins are born, so it kind of looks like you have a similar age gap!

    Registering has been this crazy elephant in my mind while I try to figure out how in the world I am going to adjust to 3 kids….and how exciting for you to have a 4th on the way!

    Is your husband in the military? I noticed it looked like he was wearing a uniform in your family page!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Kaitlyn’s link up and I am so glad I did! My husband and I are expecting twins this fall! We also have a little boy that is going to be 2 right after they are born (looks like yours have a similar age gap!).

    Thanks for the registry info…I look forward to hearing more about your journey!!

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