Bunny | 30 weeks

With Easter rapidly approaching, I have been enjoying the Easter baby Bunny jokes, especially from my husband (who wants to let Jarvis paint my belly like an Easter egg… sigh).

But, the Bunny and I are doing well! 30 weeks now! Experiencing the normal tiredness and pain, although I think that’s mostly to blame on the bigger three! The twins obviously have no idea what’s happening, but it’s been really fun to see Jarvis’ level of awareness this time around. With the twins, he ‘knew’ there were two babies in my belly, but I don’t think he really understood what a baby was or that it would be staying with us. Now, he talks about baby bunny all the time and about how it will be after baby bunny comes. Today, out of nowhere, he informed me that all our family would come after baby bunny is born to meet the baby and love it. I guess he remembers all the visitors after the twins! He’s also insisting that we will sing a special song after baby bunny is born, but he won’t tell me what song. Age three is so funny!

Jarvis got to actually feel bunny kick his hand twice the other day. I think it’s the first time he has actually realized that a baby is in there moving. He kept pointing to where baby bunny’s head, arms, feet, etc would be. He also understands the difference between how baby bunny will be a tiny baby but the twins are big babies. I will be very interested to see how his attention level changes between the other three, and how the twins will react to the baby. Jonah loves snuggling and will try to snuggle Joelle and Jarvis, but he does it in a steamroller way, wonder if he will do the same thing with bunny! Joelle points at all the features on her baby doll, I can see her just wanting to touch the baby’s feature’s gently.

We have switched doctors again (switched insurance to be closer to home) and have an appointment next week. But we have a follow-up ultrasound with the prenatal specialist on Friday to check on everything and go over the rest of our genetic mapping (since I FINALLY got my OB records in this week from Trinity). So be looking for some more pictures of bunny soon!

30 weeks

And no, I promise we DO NOT know gender. We have opted to go for a surprise again this time! I keep trying to get Jarvis to take a guess, because I have a feeling he would be right, but he won’t! He just says, we will guess when baby bunny comes out! I’m still working on the definition of a ‘guess’ with him, haha! I originally thought girl based on symptoms, but now I am leaning towards boy based on size in ultrasound (so far both my boys were just above 50th percentile and my girl was less than 30th percentile, bunny was right about 50th). However, that’s a total shot in the dark! And no, we don’t have names decided, but even if/when we do, expect an announcement at birth!

What do you think bunny is? Boy or girl?

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