milestones and green thumbs

A few little catch-ups today-

This big boy has started a one day a week Mom’s Morning Out program at the church where I attend MOPS. It’s a small class with 6 other 3 year olds and two sweet teachers. They do calendar time, bible story time, music time, PE time and lunch time! It’s a great bible based class and a good time for him to get some instruction time and interact with and meet other kids. We have also been attending a weekly storytime at the local library, and of course he is loving Sunday School. 
easter walking-1

Isn’t he the cutest thing?? He has decided he wants to grow his hair out again (like mommy’s, haha!) so it’s at that awkward sticking straight up stage. I tried some gel but it didn’t help, haha! I have to admit, it was hard for me to send him, even if it is once a week for a few hours. I’m not sure it’s something we will continue in the fall, but there are 7 weeks left in their school year, and I think it will be just what he needs for right now!

And in other news, someone has decided to up the anti and start walking! I am officially calling Joelle a walker, although she still prefers crawling and refuses to walk anywhere but at home. But girl is officially on the go! The next milestone I am dreading anticipating is one of them learning to turn doorknobs, or Jonah getting tall enough to reach the counter!

easter walking-9

Oh, and spring is finally making it’s appearance around here!! Still have cool days and nights, but as you can see, Jace is tilling the garden area and the posts are all marked for the fence! The big mounds towards the road are for the fruit trees we hope to get planted soon! Can’t wait for some garden action!easter walking-10

2 thoughts on “milestones and green thumbs

    1. Colleen, this is our front yard, I’m standing on the porch! The houses you see are on the other side of our road. We have even more land in the back, but it has more terrain and trees (3 acres of untouched woods), so the garden in going in the front!

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