facelift | just a bit

notice anything different?? The blog has had a facelift! and so have the pages, so go check them out!

I’ve found the more I take my camera places, the more pictures I take… so here’s just a few from the last week… playdate at the park!

bath and park-1


It was super muddy, so the twins were confined to their stroller, but they got a picnic lunch, so they didn’t mind!
bath and park-13

The bear may have started off as my slowest eater, but he now eats the WORLD at every meal.bath and park-14

He is actually saying ‘cheese,’ just not very happily!bath and park-11

First bath for all three at the same time: chaos!! This will be a rare event, haha!bath and park-8

Ca-razy children!bath and park-4


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