10 on 10 | kelvin

I’m officially out of my photography rut. I’ve been shooting in manual for about a year and a half and yet I was still shooting on auto white balance. After talking with an awesome friend who is also an awesome photographer, I realized I was missing a whole section of photography! Enter: adjusting the kelvin (temperature) before I shoot in order to reduce post-processing white balance. And bam, I love my photos again. I did hardly any editing on these photos except a bit of contrast and sharpening. And of course, my new 24mm prime lens has helped. I’m loving having the distance and depth of area in a limited inside space!

this one hates the camera lately. secret shots win.
10 on 10-1

troublemakers. Jonah figured out I didn’t put locks on the drawers. stinker. (ps, like all the kid fingerprints all over my kitchen??)10 on 10-3

what happens when daddy dresses you. babies-2-2

bunny and the twins. (sounds like a musical group)babies-4-2

they adore bath time.babies-6

sit doooooown babies. 1

lunch date at Panera with friends!lunch-2

and a chocolate pastry to-go for nap time 😉 perfect


It was my sister-in-law’s birthday celebration (they live in the separate apartment attached to our house, we love having them so close!) so I made strawberry shortcake cupcakes, which were AMAZING. But we couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to make them double-deckers!! so.stinking.good.
2(yes, this is early, I can’t resist!! and I cheated a bit, these pictures are from 2 days, not one, but oh well!)

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