a good visit gone bad…

We were lucky enough to have my brother Chris (who is a solo performer for Carnival cruise lines) and his girlfriend Amy fly in to visit us this past week while they were in between contracts. We had a blast with them.

The visit started with lots of snuggles and fun, and then we decided to make our first family trip on the metro to visit the National Museum of Natural History.


chris and amy-6

chris and amy-9

chris and amy-11

chris and amy-13

chris and amy-14

chris and amy-15

chris and amy-16

chris and amy-17

chris and amy-20

the metro was an experience and we went up/down the wrong escalators and even got on the wrong train once, but the museum was awesome. We spent several hours and ate lunch there. and here’s where the story goes bad. About an hour after lunch, Jonah proceeded to vomit his entire stomach contents onto Chris, who was wearing him in the Ergo. We did a quick clean-up and headed home. Little did we know, this would foreshadow the next three days….


Jarvis was the next to go, then finally Joelle. We put all three kids to bed, unable to even keep water down, and then Jace, Chris, and I all fell sick too. We are fairly sure it was food poisoning from the restaurant at the museum.

We spent the next two days lounging about and recovering, but Joelle seemed to be having the most trouble. A visit to the pediatrician, no big improvement over the next 24 hours, and three days after we first got sick, she and mama had to make an ER trip for fluids.


Now, I visit the ER more often than anyone should, but this visit was pretty horrendous. Mostly because it took 6 tries (4 people) over the span of 5 hours before we were finally able to even get an IV in. Poor baby had a lot of screaming and crying, but she was quite the champ. Once she got the fluid in and was keeping down water and small amounts of formula they released us. She is doing much better today and I hope she is on the upswing!

It will be a week at least before we are all back to eating normal again. But we survived! Big thanks to Uncle Chris and Amy for their help, it would have been much harder without them. I’m just sad that they got so sick and had to deal with sick little babies while they were here!

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