Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentines Day no matter who is in your life! Remember that HIS love is more than enough for us. He has commanded us to love one another… so go out and spread the love!


I am so thankful for my three little valentines!

valentines-2even if they make picture-taking impossible!!

valentines-4and I’m especially thankful for this goofy valentine. I couldn’t live this crazy, hectic, amazing life without him and his hard work. We’ve grown so much from those 16/17 year olds who fell in love and I love the man he is today even more than I thought possible! I’m so grateful I was blessed with him.

And here’s a little sample of our valentines day- I am loving having a 3 year old who understands that today is about loving one another and is getting excited over ‘heart’ everything! It’s just so much fun!!


Plus a whole lots of books on love and talking about the people we love! After nap time, big brother is going to help me purchase a ‘winter kit’ for a local homeless charity as we talk about loving even strangers or the hard to love! And then family dinner out for Chinese tonight. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day loving on each other!!

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