Bunny | 24 weeks

Time for an update on baby bunny! Bunny is 24 weeks today and still super active! This picture is from 23 weeks!
23 weeks 3

We were able to get in for an ultrasound with my main clinic, which was a relief! Overall bunny looked very good, heartbeat of 158, measuring right at 1lb 5 oz, and meeting all the anatomy checkpoints. My fluid level was slightly high (which might explain why my fundal height- belly measurement, is a bit bigger than expected  but nothing to worry about. During this ultrasound, they found slight fetal pylecstasis. Now I’m not even going to link to an article, because when I say slight, I mean VERY mild.  It is defined as a dialation or the kidney with extra fluid. It was enough that they flagged it and will check around 32 weeks to make sure it has resolved, but I honestly expect it to be nothing. Here’s a profile shot from that ultrasound

23 weeksThe nurse practitioner I saw at my first appointment was concerned about our genetic history with children (Jarvis’ thumbs and Job’s loss) and the fact that we had missed the window for the basic blood testing for Bunny and decided to go ahead and send us to a Maternal Fetal Specialist. So we made the LONG drive to Walter Reed Bethesda and had another ultrasound with them. As we expected, everything looked good and the mild pylecstasis looked even better at that ultrasound. The OB there had us sit down with a genetic counselor and go through a full genetic history to look for abnormalities or any red flags. She did not see anything concerning but did offer us an amniocentesis and/or full genetic testing on Jace and me, but we opted to decline any of that because Bunny has no soft markers for genetic issues.

We did get our very first 3D ultrasound image of one of our children though!! Meet bunny! We opted not to find out the gender again and will be waiting to be surprised when bunny is born. Sorry! The tech was shocked that we had not had any 3d images before and we had to explain just how the care (or lack of) worked in Minot, haha!

23 weeks 2


As far as mama goes, I am doing well. Tired, which is to be expected. Physically, the twins were a very hard pregnancy simply because of double the baby, but this one is ranking a pretty close second. Chasing three small children, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc is wearing me out! I have been having some pretty severe back pain which I think is related to some spine misalignment’s (probably leftover from 13lbs of baby at 38 weeks!) and acts up in the evening if I have done too much standing and not enough resting. It seems to be better with a support belt which I wear occasionally now. I still haven’t gained any weight (which is normal for me at this stage in pregnancy, I tend to gain only in the last 4 months) and I’m enjoying not feeling constantly ravenous like I did with the twins! At least once a week I go to bed when the kids do and log 12 hours of sleep, thanks to an awesome husband who helps out whenever and however he can. I couldn’t do this without him!

Sweet bunny, we are so thankful for you every day. I adore your flips and kicks and antics. I can only imagine what you think of the noise you hear on the outside daily! Your siblings are a crazy bunch, but I know they can’t wait to meet you. Big brother Jarvis is always preparing bags and toys for ‘when baby bunny comes’ and keeps asking how long until you come. Keep growing little one, we were so happy to hear that you are growing like you should. We can’t wait to meet you precious one.

Love, mama

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