twins | the two turn one

I can not believe it. The past year has literally flown by. My sweet twins are turning one. It seems like yesterday that we were still knee deep in double 2.5 hour feedings and nearly 50 cloth diapers! And now… they are both solid eating champs and nearly walking! I am planning on doing BIG updates on their progress and milestones for the past year, so this post will mainly be pictures!

first birthday-5

But first, a quick height/weight update!


weight- 17lbs 13 ozs (4th percentile)

height- 26.5 inches (3rd percentile)

Basically, this girl is itty bitty. She is still rocking 6 month clothes, but now wears 9 month pajamas.


weight- 19 lbs 11 ozs (9th percentile)

height- 28 inches (3rd percentile)

Since he has become mobile, his growth chart has slowed some, but he is still a hefty boy

And now, onto the picture overload!

birthday party-2

birthday party-5

birthday party-6

birthday party-9

birthday party-10

birthday party-14

birthday party-15

birthday party-20

birthday party-22

birthday party-26

birthday party-28

and THAT is how cake should be eaten!!

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