you know you are a twin when…

You know you are a twin when…

you know how to take turns before you even turn one.


YES, they did that on their own. For about 5 minutes, they traded off looking down the cat door into the basement.

Cracked me up and I just had to blog it…

And, since I’m not doing insta-friday anymore, here are just a few insta-goodies from the past couple weeks!

Jonah really is that much taller than her. A good 4 inches and 4 pounds. He’s going to be my biggest by far!


Jonah loves anything that is open. Bedroom doors, pantry doors, cabinet, dishwasher, boxes, etc. We have determined he has the best ‘trouble-making radar’ of our children.


How we roll.


Da bear. During breakfast one morning, right after Daddy left for work.

joelleThis girl has a love affair with this chair. She sits in it all day long. Not playing with toys, just sitting, chilling, watching….

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