Bunny | 20 weeks

Haven’t done an update on bunny in a while and boy does this sweet baby need one!

First off bunny is hands down THE most active of all my children in the womb. By A LOT. I’m sure position (and 5th pregnancy) has something to do with it, but if bunny is as active on the outside, we are about to get a run for our money!!

18 week bump
18 weeks

20 week bump

20 weeks

This pregnancy has definately reinforced to me that every baby and every pregnancy is different! I have had several new ‘symptoms’ with bunny that didn’t show up in the others. The main one being eczema! Primarily on my face. Right now, the combination of these two is all that’s working, and believe me, I’ve tried every natural remedy out there!! Even with these two, I still have angry red marks on my face most of the time. Luckily, it’s totally worth it!


We have had quite the debacle with establishing medical care for all of us, but I finally got in a Primary Care Manager yesterday and was able to get a referral for an OB in the system. I hope to get in within a couple of weeks and get a growth scan going on bunny.

This past week is always hard for me in pregnancy. Job passed at around 19 weeks. One day he was kicking and moving, and the next he wasn’t. We still don’t know what happened as he and the placenta all tested perfectly. This lack of knowledge leads to me holding my breath, throughout the entire pregnancy, but at this week in particular. New life is a miraculous thing. Anytime a brand new little heart starts beating we have no idea how long we will be blessed with that child. But whether it be weeks or months in the womb only, weeks or months or short years on this earth, it is a constant reminder to be grateful for the time we have.

I am oh, so thankful for bunny’s activity level in this pregnancy. I have not actually been in to see an OB AT ALL, and only had one quick ultrasound at 7 weeks. In all honesty, there isn’t that much that OBs do the first two trimesters. The standard temperature, blood pressure, and urine checks, and a doppler heartbeat. I am very aware of changes in my blood pressure and have never had any issues with it during pregnancy, even with twins. And with our home doppler, I am able to check on bunny. Plus, being that it is my 5th pregnancy, I need little direction in how to eat, what to do and not do, etc. So frankly, OB appts before this would have simply been for my piece of mind. God knew it would take a while to get me in, and I believed he blessed me with a child who would make their presence known all day long. Such a balm to my heart.

Sweet bunny, my favorite thing to do right now is lay in the quiet darkness while your siblings sleep and feel you dance around. May you  never lose that joy for life, bunny. We can’t wait for you to join our family!

PS: I have to mention that on the 13th I became and AUNTIE for the first time!! My sweet nephew, Colton, was born!! He has some very  awesome, proud parents and I can’t wait to meet him!!! (This brings my parents grandchildren count up to 4 in just 3 years!! soon to be 5! lucky grandparents!! 🙂 )

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