10 on 10 | january

I have decided to continue with 10 on 10 this year. I may not do it every month. But I feel like it captures my life in this moment, and it all slips away too quickly. So enjoy- my life, right now.

Go ahead, be jealous, my hair IS that awesome.

10 on 10 jan-3

(and yes, I did laundry 4 days ago. I swear it multiplies like bunnies)

10 on 10 jan-5

coffee. nuff’ said.

10 on 10 jan-7

we had to wear hats all morning. mama was sporting an irish top hat.

10 on 10 jan-8

the twinkies each play in their cribs while i feed the other one… might be one of my favorite times of the day. silly babies!


afternoon playdate= naptime dinner prep. eggplant and three cheese ziti. amazing.

10 on 10 jan-11

i.hate.dishes. luckily, that’s the hubby’s job!

10 on 10 jan-13

didn’t you know? ruffles are intended for temporary food storage. duh!

10 on 10 jan-17

glow stick bath time.

10 on 10 jan-19

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