Jarvis | three


My oldest, my froggie.


I can not believe you will be three years old tomorrow. It truly seems like yesterday that we brought a tiny dark haired, big eyed bundle home on a freezing North Dakotan day. From the womb, you have always challenged me in ways I could never have imagined. You haven’t made this parenting thing easy, but you have taught me so much! We have been so blessed to learn this curvy, bumpy road with you.

Jarvis 063

You are one big ball of energy! The word boy personified. You have such amazing drive and determination and when channeled correctly, you are an ally for me in the house. However, like every other 2/3 year old, you have your moments of frustration and rebellion.


You love getting to make decisions and I have learned to give you choices (that I am ok with), and help you express your opinions and personality. You are a lover, with a very sweet heart. Your daddy has turned you into a sweet snuggler, and I treasure that you still ask to be picked up and held. Before I know it, you will be too big for that.

You still have a love for cars and all things transportation, but lately dinosaurs have been a big hit. You are content to play and imagine and act on your own for hours on end. But you also have discovered a love of games with mama and daddy. When the babies go down for a nap, we can often be found sitting around the train table rolling dice, counting numbers and moving pieces. I treasure this time with you.


You have developed quite the little personality and are a little charmer! Anyone who has spoken with you in the last 6 months always comments on what a little person you are. How you can follow and carry on conversations, what you understand, and how polite you CAN be. You aren’t always, and we hear NO screamed fairly often, but more often than not you say please, thank you, no thank you, yes mama, etc. I hope this continues to develop in you as you learn to control the toddler nature. Your sweet heart and kind words will take you far, baby boy.


You still are the epitome of your father. It’s like another little matching McCown boy. I see so many of the traits that have made him a wonderful husband and father in you. I hope to foster these and help you control or redirect some of the not-so-good tendencies! Your interactions with your little brother and sister are as to be expected. But for every time you push them away from your toys, or scream no at them, you are also patting their back and saying it’s ok babies. You love to sing them songs, particularly Jonah who claps along. You adore attacking them with hugs and kisses saying sweet I love yous. More often than not you share your toys and try to teach them all the things big brother’s should.

I am still amazed at your ability to pack away the food, although you are hesitant to try new things, you always will with encouragement. Your biggest development in the past couple of weeks has been day time potty training! I’ve thought you were ready for a while, but this past week it just clicked. You are such a big boy, pulling your pants and underwear up and down by yourself, climbing up on the potty, washing your hands. It’s nice to have one less in diapers!


My favorite trend has been your desire to help around the house. You now help unload the dishwasher (and do the silverware and yours dishes all on your own!), make your own bed, feed the puppy on your own in the morning, and best of all, help clean up all the toys right before bed! I’m so proud of how much you like to help! You won’t get paid for these chores as they are just part of you learning to contribute to the family, but you love putting a smiley face on your chart.

You have quite the load on your shoulders sweet boy. You will always be the oldest. The one I look to first. You will always be the example and the one that the littles follow behind like little ducks. But I promise I will let you be a little boy as long as possible, dirty fingers and all.


Never lose your spirit, determination, or desire to learn. We love you sweet boy.

Mama and Daddy

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