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Well I have to say I am continually shocked by just how many people read this blog regularly and by the number of hits I get, especially on the posts that are the hardest for me to write.

My top posts for the last year were my post on family planning, announcing baby bunny’s arrival  the second anniversary of Job’s birthday, and my real food post.

I have gone back and forth about just how personal and open to make this blog. Despite how many people read this (around 500 hits a day!!), I still write as though the only people who read this are my close family and friends. Obviously this is not the case! While I want to continue to be so open and write from my heart, it does scare me a bit to have so much personal information about my family and kids out on the internet. However, it’s exactly those posts, the honest and open ones that seem to make the difference.

So for now, I don’t plan on going private or hiding my kids names or anything like that, because I have never had ANYTHING negative happen as a result of this blog. I can’t promise that won’t change this year, as the climate of our country changes, but for now, I will be back as normal this 2013!

Once again, I do not think I will be doing a Project 52 this year. I also don’t plan on doing Insta-Friday weekly like I did this past year. There will be Instagram updates, but probably not weekly.

I would like to keep up my [this much] project (monthly pictures with my kids), but it may not be every month but every other or so. I would also like to keep updating on my kids and their progresses. Probably not monthly for the big ones, but at least as needed. These posts are what has allowed me to create wonderful blurb books filled with all sorts of information!

I hope to branch out a bit and do more posts like Real food and Family Planning. Possibly about budgeting and fiscal planning and surviving with a large family on one income. I would like to do more food posts with recipes and how I have been doing BLW with the twins.

I am also requesting gardening posts from the husband! We will see how that turns out!

I’m not calling these ‘resolutions’ or ‘goals’ as I may or may not stick to them. This year, with the birth of bunny, we will have 4 kids in 3.5 years, so I am planning on going with the flow and see where we go!

Be looking for another post soon with my word for the year!

Happy New Year!!

One thought on “2013 | bloggy blog

  1. Hi, Chelsea. I am a somewhat frequent follower of your blog and I left a brief post for you a few months back as you were getting ready for your move wishing you a safe trip. I can understand your feelings of vulnerability as people you have not met are now tuned into your life. For myself, I like to read your blog because I can relate to quite a bit of it (not everything – we have some differences) but I enjoy knowing that someone out there sometimes thinks the same things or experiences the same things, and it makes me feel a little less uncommon. I am also inspired by your DIY projects and love that we share a common interest in being self-sustainable. You and your hubby have some great tips! I imagine that these reasons, and I’m sure there’s a variety more, are why you attract an interest for many people. It is not a bad thing at all! I do respect that you feel concerns over the privacy of your family, which is completely understandable. However, I am happy to hear that you are not planning to make your blog private at this time, because I feel like I would miss out on more opportunities to learn from you (and perhaps you from me).
    Thank you for writing! Keep up the great work 🙂
    Your friend,

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