twins | 10.5 months

I know I’ve said it before, but my favorite part of having kids is getting to know their little personalities! In fact, that is what I am DYING to know about bunny… the gender doesn’t really matter, because it’s just one fact. I love learning what my kids prefer, how they like to play, how they react to new people, how they handle change… it’s all so fascinating to me! I’m dying to know if bunny will be like Jarvis & Joelle, like Jonah, or his/her own new personality!

but anyway, onto an update on my twinkies! this will serve as a 10/11 month update!


Oh my sweet Jonah bear. This boy is my exception! He is so different than the other two! Jonah now weighs about 22 lbs and is wearing 12-18 month clothes (things Jarvis was wearing well after he turned 1). He will hands down be my big boy! Although he doesn’t look ‘chunky’ per say, he is a little brick! He can crawl at the speed of light and follows anyone around. He does nothing slowly! He makes all of his progress in leaps and will learn new things out of no where! He is starting to learn to stand on his own, and I’m not sure if he will walk first or not!

Jonah is always a big hit anytime we go out with all three of them. He loves cheesing it up for people and smiling and flirting! In general, he adores new people, especially if they will hold/snuggle him. He does have his mama/dada days when he just needs one of us. Although in general, he seems to prefer his daddy over everyone else. And grandpas are a close second!


This sweet bear adores his bottle still, and downs 6-7 ounces twice a day. However, since I went ahead and introduced whole milk in the sippy cup at meal times, and started feeding them three times a day (instead of two), this boy has become an eating machine!! He still prefers fruit, but he is eating more these days and actually swallowing a lot! He also has that sippy of milk figured out and drinks 1-2 ozs at each meal. As a result, he has started to give up a bottle at night time. He still wants one occasionally  but more often than not, he sleeps 12 hours without eating!

He has 6 teeth now, 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom. He is understanding a lot of what we say, but his usual response is hand clapping. He claps his hands by holding his left hand still and clapping his right hand against it, it’s adorable! He does that a lot these days, anytime he is excited. His other favorite thing is holding his hands outstretched above his head as he looks up and ‘preaches away.’ It’s so fun to see something he has done since a newborn progress!

He also has learned to sign ‘more’ at the table when he wants more food. He is quite proud of himself when does! As I have mentioned before, this big boy has strong little hands and he can pull outlet covers straight out of the wall. BEAR is more than appropriate for this sweet hunk of a boy!


Oh my little girl! You may be all adorable little girl, but you have your big brother’s personality! You two are two peas in a pod. He’s had a special affinity for you since day 1, and you are showing it back.

Joelle is a little spitfire. She still roars like a lion when she wants something, usually its at the table when you give her little brother food. Joelle is now crawling like normal, no more Army crawl. She desperately wants to walk and stand on her own, but can’t quite do it yet. I’ve no doubt it will be soon as she is too stubborn to wait long! She weighs in around 18lbs and is still TINY. She STILL wears 6 months clothes and is showing no need to move up in sizes. Mama is ready for her to so that we can’t get some cute new outfits!! Just like her twin, she follows all of us around the house, particularly big brother. His bedroom has become a favorite place!

Big news this last week was that the girl finally got some teeth! She has one barely broken through on the top and one on the bottom. It feels like another will break through on the top soon. I didn’t think she would get any before her first birthday! ha! This girl is in a mimicking phase and will copy any face anyone makes. She is the most hesitant around new people though, and takes a while to warm up. She likes to watch from a distance for a bit and then approach on her own.

Joelle is still a big eater, although she is slower and more consistent than her brother. She will still eat basically anything you put in front of her, although her current favorite is homemade whole wheat bread or baked chicken. She will occasionally sign more, but usually she just looks at you with her doe eyes to get more food. That or roaring!


(the twins on Christmas morning)

The babies’ general schedule is something like this: up at 7am for 2hrs, nap around 9 for 2 hours. up at 11 for 2.5 hours, nap at 130 for an hour and a half. up at 3, bed around 7. There is defiantly some sway in there, but I am holding onto a two nap schedule for as long as possible! Right now, big brother naps from 130-230/330 as well, so that is my favorite hour of the day! They get a bottle each time they get up and one right before bed, and eat solid foods 3 times a day with us. I still mostly practice the one up, both up, one down, both down, ‘twin’ mentality, but I usually allow for a half hour difference. For example, if one only takes an hour and a half nap, I get the other up at 2 hours. This simply makes my days easier, as three totally different schedules is a bit much for me now!

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