Merry Christmas | 2012

We had a little Christmas with our little family. Lots of nativity advent calendars, stories of Jesus’s birth, talking about St. Nick, and awesome family time. Not much Santa (that’s a post all on it’s own!) or many presents, but it was perfect!

We made Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas Eve, and when he woke up Christmas Day, Jarvis’ first words were, ‘It’s baby Jesus’ birthday!’ We finished the nativity scene with baby Jesus, sang him Happy Birthday and had cake for breakfast. Perfect. 


Jarvis got a little construction playdough set, and the babies got a wooden drum. All of our family has gifted us money to buy a large outdoor playscape for when things warm up outside. This is something that the kids will all enjoy for years! And yes, that was it. Perfect.

I am not against Christmas or lots of gifts or stockings or all the fun stuff that comes with this joyous season, but this simple Christmas was just what we needed. Low stress, low key, lots of fun, and no pressure. Just a lot of reflection on the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

So blessed this holiday season.


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