Insta-Friday | headed to the chapel…


girl is trying to wean herself. so i gave in to the sippy of milk at mealtimes.

big boy at uncle’s rehearsal!

headed to the wedding, space cadet style!



my men, best man and ring bearer. this is the face Jarvis made when he first saw the bride. He adores Aunt Elena.

no room for you Uncle Josh, she’s mine!

First thing he did after the wedding, took the bride away from the groom. stud.

with his poppy.


ringbearer danced the night away.

i love this man.

twinkies eating at the reception. stars of the show!

faux-hawk post-bath girl.


jonah and great-grandma wanza

yes, i let my 10 month olds crawl on the floor of the airport. yuck.

two peas in a pod. these two shoulda been the twins!

the wedding presents for the in-laws who move into the in law suite in a couple of days!


they are building a house in the middle of my gorgeous backyard view. boo.

tired mama. nap striking babies. at least they are cute!


about 5 days worth of veggies for the twins. doesn’t include meat, cheese, tofu, eggs, or fresh fruit. my kids are all big eaters!

adorable sippy cups from aunt jackie and uncle patrick.

she can now use the walkers! and boy is she proud of herself.

poor boy, life is rough!!


loving my blurb books, worth every minute of making them!

this darn box has been missing for weeks. ugh. moving.

how we unpack the basement/garage. bitties do not like.

photo flip books in the gun safe?? heck yeah!!

8jonah signs more! and begins eating more than his sister!

jarvis’ new chore, helping unloading the dishwasher… takes FOR.EVER. but someday he will do it by himself!

tried to escape to the living room for a minute. no go.

family fire obsession…

2 thoughts on “Insta-Friday | headed to the chapel…

    1. Emily, I use Lightroom for my editing and I import all my phone photos into there, then I use the print option and create a square and arrange 4 at a time on there, then I print to file and save it as a jpg. I then upload it all at once. hope that helps!

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