Insta-Friday | week 50

yes, yes, i am three weeks behind. ugh.


we have to move the washer and dryer out of the basement before i fall down these stairs.

daddy jungle gym.

mccown kids drum circle led by big brother.

every creature in the house asleep but me!


waking up a sleeping baby for church is hard every time.

little brother was fussy all day, until he found puzzles in big brother’s room.

potty training is annoying.

love my hubby.


blues are handsome.

i hate boned hot wings. bunny adores them.

big one wanted his hair ‘short like daddy’

early morning sibling love.


bunny keeps growing.

a sample of my carry on plane bag.

luc watching us drive away.

apparently, a T-Rex visited baby Jesus in the manger. nice.


rock-a-bye baby, go to sleep.

twinkie dinner at great-grandma’s house.

wearing grandpa out.

family walk.

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