Bunny | 13 weeks

So not too much to update on the bunny front, but I thought I would share a bit.

We had an early ultrasound at 8 weeks and confirmed a heartbeat of 118. Everything looked fine then. I am now 13 weeks and have yet to be able to get a referral for an OB. Our medical records were not transfered from Minot and we are on week two of waiting for them to arrive. Once they do, then I can set up an initial appointment with my family practice doctor, who will then get me a referral to an OB, which usually takes at least 2 weeks to get in. So I am guessing I will get sometime around 16-18 weeks, once we get back from Texas.

So I am thankful for my doppler, because we are able to check bunny’s heartbeat, despite not being able to get with an OB. The hubs is an expert at the doppler by now (although bunny did some hiding that scared mama a bit!) Confirmed a heartbeat of 161 last week…

And just for irony’s sake, here is bunny at 12 weeks… obviously, that is not all bunny, hahahaha! but it’s true, by pregnancy #5, everything relaxes much quicker! Not sure if I will continue regular bump pictures, haha, but I promise you baby bunny is in there! (and as big a peach!)

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