twins | 9 months

Well it has been a while since I have done a monthly update on the babies, and they have changed so much lately that I felt like I needed to do one!

The are 9 months and 1 week and growing like crazy. Jonah now wears all 12 month clothes and is setting out to outpace his siblings in size! Joelle is still in 6 month clothing and will likely be the littlest! They both are still eating bottles 4 times a day and usually once at night. They are legitimately hungry at night, so we are working on adding more protein to their solid food intake during the day since they won’t drink more formula during the day. Especially Joelle, who is barely interested in formula and would much prefer to eat solid foods!

And on that note, we have pretty much switched over from pureed baby foods to all finger foods. Jonah is VERY particular about textures and the purees had to be very smooth, but he will put any texture of food in his mouth himself. Joelle basically refused anything on a spoon, she wanted to do it herself! So we offer them several types of steamed veggies and fruits and meat, tofu, beans, or egg yolks. They are both really enjoying this process, although it is insanely messy!! The dog loves it too, haha! Jonah doesn’t really swallow much of the food, he just chews it and then spits it out, but he is at least getting some nutrients from the juices! Joelle swallows nearly everything and she very good at getting food into her mouth!

(there were lots of tears after this picture!)

Joelle is full out crawling and pulling up to standing on a few things. She still primarily army crawls, but she can crawl on her knees too. She also mastered going from laying down to sitting up on her own this past week. Jonah isn’t officially mobile, he does get on all fours occasionally, but no crawling. Somehow though, he manages to get around with a combination of spinning in place and rolling. It’s quite funny! He gets more and more mobile the longer we are in this house. Jonah seems to be very sensitive to new places, and he did not enjoy all the moving around and new places, it made him fairly needy. But since we have gotten here and the familiar things are around him, he is developing quickly!

As far as pearly whites go, Jonah is getting a mouthful! He has the bottom two front teeth, and two have popped through on the top and two more about to break through, which will bring him to a total of 6 teeth! Joelle doesn’t even have a swollen tooth bud, haha! We will see when her teeth start showing up!

Joelle does not have any clear words yet, but she has this lion roar that she does as she crawls to something she wants. And the lion roar becomes a shriek when she wants to eat. Silly girl! Jonah on the other hand has started saying words! His first was ‘dada’ and although he says it all the time, he does say it with recognition as well! Yesterday he started saying ‘mama’ and he says it anytime he wants me now! It’s so much fun!

I also want to share a bit on their personalities. Having twins is just fascinating to me because they are so different, despite the fact they are being raised by the same parents at the exact same time. I’ll start with Jonah. We call him Jonah-bear because he’s like a big teddy bear, gruff but sweet. He adores being held and snuggling anyone, except for Joelle, he HATES if she touches him at all! He is more somber than his siblings but is still quiet joyous and loves being around people. He is a bit more reserved and not quite as daring and he loves pacifiers. He plays with toys very thoroughly, lots of examining and shaking and figuring them out. Jonah sleeps well on his own, but he needs to be laid down after the light is already out. He doesn’t like being in his crib when the light is turned out. Jonah is quite the little hair puller, on both his brother and sister! He has strong little man hands. He has been getting sillier and sillier the last couple of days though! Jonah finds Jarvis hilarious as long as someone is holding him. Jonah is a bit scared if Jarvis gets too close if he is sitting by himself, I don’t blame him!

Joelle is a lot like her big brother. She is very curious and into everything. She likes being held, but she loves being able to crawl around and get into everything. If one of us or Jarvis is on the floor, she crawls right over to see what’s going on. This habit does not work out well with her big brother, who is still learning to share toys with them! She loves to pull up to standing on someone’s lap. She puts literally anything she can find in her mouth and she can find anything!! We often look over to see her chewing on a single carpet fiber that she actually PULLED out of the carpet. She is determined and angry if she doesn’t get what she wants! There are lots of things that she does that really remind me of Jarvis at this age. The two of them really have a special bond and I can tell she will quickly become his partner in crime! Joelle is quite the drama queen and can really get the tears going if one of her brother’s hurts her at all or if she wants something.

and for the last one, here they are giggling at their big brother! they adore him!

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