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for those of you who don’t follow me on facebook, you have no idea just how crazy this move has been! my father-in-law was awesome and came up to north dakota to help Jace drive one of the moving trucks and boy did they have a crazy trip. After many issues (flat tires, smoking brake pads due to leaking wheel seals, busted alternator belts, etc) and delays they finally made it in town just a couple of hours before our flight landed. and of course, we weathered Hurricane Sandy over the past few days, although really the base just got a lot of rain. But the most eventful part of the move has been a bad case of croup that all the kids caught.

They are all fine now, but after several bad days and nights, we ended up taking Jonah into the emergency room around 830pm. (thankfully, my mom was here to take care of the other two at the hotel!!) After a nebulizer treatment with abuterol, a chest x-ray (to check for pneumonia- terrible!!) , and a cat scan of his neck (to check on swelling of the epiglottis). Although all the tests came back normal, they still were not happy with his wheezing so they took blood (TORTURE) and gave him an oral steroid. After that steroid, they have to observe for 3 hours. Plus, since we are currently in between Tricare locations and unable to get into a pediatrician the next day for follow up, they asked the ped on call to come check him out. Around 330am the pediatrician finally came in to see him and was very uncomfortable with his wheezing. They decided to admit him for the night, continue with the nebulizer and the oral steriods and put oxygen into the room.

Right about this time, we got a call from my mom that Jarvis was crying and coughing so hard that he threw up, which happens when his croup gets bad. So Jace headed back to the hotel to pick Jarvis up to bring to the emergency room. Needless to say, the hospital staff was all shocked to see two of our kids there. Jarvis received a nebulizer treatment (which he held all by himself for the whole thing- all the nurses were so impressed, sadly, it’s because he has done them so much!) and oral steriods. After those he was much better and went back to the hotel to sleep.

Poor Jonah had such a rough night. He handled it pretty well, at first everyone was a big fan of him and he was a little ham, but by midnight he was just plain fed up of people touching him and anytime a nurse or doctor even looked at him, he started crying like crazy. We finally settled in the hospital room around 5am and he passed out until 1130am. They released him that afternoon with a new diagnosis: reactive airways! He has an inhaler now that we use if he has any wheezing.

Joelle had croup as well, but not nearly as bad as her brothers. All three are fully recovered and back to their happy selves! It was quite the adventure, but we haven’t moved someplace until we have visited the ER 😉

2 thoughts on “croup | moving fun

  1. It is amazing that you have had so many trials in making this move. We centainly hope that your new home weathered the storm well and you don’t have futher challanges. Thanks for providing a way for us to keep up to date with your family. We keep you in our prayers and wish you all the best. Challanges are suppose to make us stronger..You two must be ultra strong. Love and hugs, Grandma Charlotte

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