new house | moving

well we are in Maryland but still living in a hotel! we don’t close until the middle of next week, and then we have to get things settled enough to move over there. however we did get to go out and look at the house and unload our stuff into the basement (thanks to the awesome previous owners!) i took a few quick photos with my iphone, more to come later!

just a few highlights:
*5 acres
*two wells
*5 bedrooms, 2 baths
* partially finished basement (with lots more room to finish!)
*one bedroom in-law suite with kitchen, living room, dining room, and bath
*completely refurbished kitchen
*propane tank gas, oil fuel heat, generator, and septic system
*plus many, many more amazing things!

especially some gorgeous trees!!

3 thoughts on “new house | moving

  1. Sounds so exciting! Is the mother in law suite attached? Hopefully the commute isn’t too bad for jace, DC traffic is freaky! Hopefully move-in day will not seem too far away.

    1. Colleen, yep, the mother-in-law is attached, but has a separate entrance! Josh and his soon-to-be wife will be moving up there after their wedding! We actually live in southern Maryland and Andrews is in Maryland, not DC, so Jace doesn’t have to go anywhere near DC to get to work, it’s a quick 30 minutes commute!

      1. Oh that’s not bad at all then! And how fun to have them so close after being so far away from everyone!

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